A Gay Republican Is Still A Republican.

Jason Elliott.

Jason Elliott.

A conservative republican, gay or no, is still a conservative republican, with a lot of repugnant views. I’d so like to think that being queer would provide more insight, generate some compassion, but it doesn’t in such cases. Next January, Jason Elliott will become South Carolina’s first openly gay lawmaker, representing a portion of Greenville in the S.C. House that includes conservative Bob Jones University.

Elliott says voters in Greenville’s House District 22 know he is gay but his sexual orientation did not play a role in the race. […] “With my knowledge and understanding that people knew of my orientation, the election results tell me that — rightfully — we focused on issues that are relevant to the position for which I was running,” Elliott said. He is pro-life, and supports the 2nd Amendment, restructuring state government and school choice.

Right. No surprises there. What did leave me scratching my brain was this little bit:

“Unquestionably and undeniably, I am a Republican and proud to be one,” Elliott said. “I’m also proud of the fact that I’m a white male, 6 foot, 2 inches with too much gray hair for 45 — and also happen to be gay.”

Um, what is that? An advertisement? Because those are kind of odd things to be proud of, outside of being gay and out.

Via Greenville Online.


  1. blf says

    My wingnut-to-English decoder stumbled over “restructuring state government”: What is that all about?

  2. blf says

    I think that means “Feds can’t tell States what to do!”

    Don’t think so, that is “state sovereignty” or somesuch. A bit of ‘net searching found assorted rants using that phrase, which, if they had a common theme, is something like “make government smaller / taxes less by getting rid of everything I don’t like, don’t understand, or is humane or useful”. Which does seem like it could lead to “state sovereignty”, throwing toys out of prams, and eating peas.

  3. says

    Oh. Okay, well, then I have no fucking idea. I’m not good at parsing republican when they are trying to be sly.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    In my republican to english dictionary, ‘government’ is pretty much a synonym for ‘bad’ or ‘taxes’, depending on the context, so blf’s comment is pretty much on target. ;)

    Make government smaller, except regulate all those things I don’t like, and taxes are bad bad bad!!! I think that pretty much sums up the republican view of government.

    I wonder if this clown is planning on getting married, and how he feels about the government regulation of that?

  5. blf says

    I wonder if this clown is planning on getting married, and how he feels about the government regulation of that?

    Easy: “The goobermuck has no business interfering with the sale, purchase, use, or disposal of my wimmins, my childs, and my slaves.”

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