It’s a theory, theories are unproven…

Texas State Board of Education District 9 candidate Mary Lou Bruner (WFAA/screen grab)

Texas State Board of Education District 9 candidate Mary Lou Bruner (WFAA/screen grab)

Mary Lou Bruner. Again. Ugh. This woman makes most extreme Christians seem downright liberal. She is running, once again, for the state school board in Texas. She doesn’t care for her competition, Keven Ellis, who is of the opinion that religious instruction should take place at home, not school. Mary Lou probably thinks that makes him a demon in disguise.

During a Sunday face-off between Ellis and far-right opponent Mary Lou Bruner on WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics, both candidates made their case to voters for the May 24th runoff for the GOP nomination.

Ellis argued that schools needed to be properly funded, but that the district had a responsibility to see that money was spent wisely.

Bruner, who has warned that pre-K programs indoctrinate children into the “homosexual agenda,” called for slashing “special programs” and early childhood education.


“Ms. Bruner has said that she wants creationism taught in science class,” Inside Texas Politics host Bud Kennedy noted. “And that her views represent those of the district. Are you Christian enough to represent this district?”

“Yes, I am,” Ellis insisted. “I’ve taught Sunday school and Bible quiz in my church in 20 years. And I believe it’s my responsibility to teach my faith to my children. The catch of when you get religion in school is whose religion is going to be taught?”

Bruner disagreed: “When we only teach theory — it’s a theory, theories are unproven — but in the science class, if only one theory is taught then we’re teaching a religion. It is the religion of atheism.”

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  1. Siobhan says

    So is psychological projection a genuine problem with cons and I’m only just starting to notice, or have I dinged a few false positives? This is like the 10th time on FtB in the past couple weeks I’ve been gobsmacked by the sincere lack of awareness.

  2. says

    In the case of Bruner, it’s willful ignorance all the way. Chock full of malice, too. That woman is pure poison.

  3. markr1957 says

    As opposed to Teh Babble -- which isn’t even a theory. Why should we teach that anywhere?

  4. blf says

    So is psychological projection a genuine problem with cons…

    In my opinion it’s such a common problem I’m tempted to consider it, if not a defining attribute then a strongly-correlating factor, of the nuttier authoritarian mind-set. Not necessarily conservative per se, but perhaps more common there (and in libtrudians, where I’ve never(?) knowingly met a rational one as a counterexample) due to a prevalence of authoritarian-ish leanings. Assuming this very vague hypothesis isn’t complete bullshite, I’ve no idea why authoritarian nutters project.

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