Bryant: We Are So Persecuted!

Phil Bryant (Facebook)

Phil Bryant (Facebook)

Oh, the whining. It never ends. Are these fossils ever going to realize it’s time for them to fade away, quietly? One of the most unattractive things about Christians is the constant need to feel persecuted, to somehow make a case that yes, oh yes, we are too persecuted! The very presence of anyone they don’t like, persecution! “Oh, it makes us think about things, thinking is bad.”

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant complained Christians are still being bullied in his state because not everyone agrees with their interpretation of a law that permits discrimination against LGBT people.

Bryant insisted the law was intended to prevent discrimination against Christians by allowing them to deny service, housing, medical treatment and some government documents to LGBT people or even unmarried couples — so long as they claim a religious objection.


“I mean, they cherry-pick these issues,” Bryant said during an appearance on a religious-right radio program. “If they had any integrity at all, they would say, ‘We understand Mississippi is actually trying to make sure that Christians and people of other faiths are not discriminated against.’ It is a nondiscriminatory law. It prevents discrimination against simply that segment of the population that has a deeply held religious view about marriage.”

The Republican governor whined that “dear friend Pat McCrory,” the governor of North Carolina, is also facing a political and corporate backlash after signing a similar anti-LGBT law.


Bryant complained that Christians were facing discrimination from anyone who disagreed with their interpretation of the law as one that protected the rights of religious people to practice their faith.

“We’re criticized, we’re threatened, we’re bullied, we’re told by corporations that we’re doing the wrong thing?” Bryant said.


Despite court challenges, directives from the U.S. Department of Justice and boycotts against their states, Bryant said he was certain he and his counterpart in North Carolina had significant support nationwide.

“I think the rest of the nation is beginning to wake up and say, ‘What world do they think we’re living in? This is not Hollywood, this is not more liberal areas, this is America, where common sense still prevails,’” Bryant said.

Aaaaand we’re back to that common sense bullshit. Interesting, that going by Bryant, Hollywood and more liberal areas aren’t part of America.

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  1. johnson catman says

    There is an incumbent candidate for the 8th Congressional district in NC that has an ad with the following narration:

    My little boy is almost one year old, and I’m one proud daddy. But I worry about his future. Popular culture today says christianity should only be private. Hollywood says “no right or wrong, anything goes”. I believe we have a higher calling to be a rock even when we are surrounded by shifting sand. My faith and my beliefs drive me as a dad and as your congressman.

    It pisses me off every time that it runs. Nobody is telling him that his christianity has to be private, and if he doesn’t like what is coming out of Hollywood, he is not forced to watch it. He wants to be able to force his christianity onto others, depriving other people of the choice of not participating. While at the same time, he wants to keep anyone else from enjoying a piece of entertainment of which he doesn’t approve. He apparently doesn’t understand that I have as much freedom as he does, and my choices do not align with his, therefore he cannot force his viewpoints onto me. The whole “I am being persecuted because I cannot force my opinions on you” is so fucking tiresome. It would be a good thing if his “rock” sunk into the “shifting sand”.

  2. says

    Back in the day, christians gave their lives for their faith, in arenas with lions and stuff like that. Now, they are traumatized by music lyrics and movies. They sure have turned into a bunch of sobster weaklings. Must be all the fatwa-envy.

  3. Siobhan says

    *stamps ‘It IS a nondiscrimination law--for xians’ ‘psychological projection’ and ‘tolerating you is bullying us’ on her bigot bingo card*

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