I must work. How I love the smell of turpentine in the afternoon. It would be really good if I could remember that I need to stock up on black oil paint. Time for a note. Back to work.


Aaaaand got the second canvas finished up today:


This is the swarf that will go on the 2nd canvas:



  1. blf says

    I must work.

    There are treatments for that. Just make sure it’s the Elder Ones who will eat you.

    Avoid the newfangled thug president candidate treatment, they say they will eat you, but in actuality, they go all Chimpanzee and throw shite at you. And then complain you’re feeding them shite, whilst insisting you pay the full amount and also vote for them, and pray to them.

  2. says


    I think I’d rather work. I enjoy it.


    Somebody’s on fire today.

    Mmm, sort of. I got the initial work done on two canvases today, for the 3rd and 4th pieces in the Swarf* Series. I think the 4th one is going to need more work, but I’ll take another look in the morning.

    *In this case, weld spatter. Gorgeous stuff.

  3. says

    Thank you, Cicely! I love that one myself, I greatly prefer dark colours. I have a number of beautiful weld spatters for that one, but I have to wait until it’s at least surface dry. The title is Tarnished Heart.

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