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Jun 19 2013

Forced birther, gun nut, & secessionist

Dr. Patrick Johnston is quite a study in contradictions. He’s one of those small government, flag-waving patriots who wants to secede from the US and force women to bear a rapists child with the power of the New Christian State. He’s also a gun maniac, hate radio jock, anti LGBT, and an anti-science homeschooler. He’d …

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Jun 04 2013

Woops, Dallas Teaparty let’s it rip

Via the Houston Chronicle, Battlefield Texas is making the GOP nervous, so they had a big wig come up and speak in the conservative enclave of Dallas-Plano. Here’s what one person said afterwards about Black voters:

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Jun 04 2013

Report on young Republicans drawing much angst

Another report, this time on the view of young Republicans (Full report), another round of hilarious conundrums faced by the GOP:

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May 29 2013

Who could have possibly predicted one party lies more than the other?

The media will no doubt shocked, shocked I tell ya, that a scientific analysis comparing apples to apples has definitively determined one party lies far more than the other. Take a wild guess who won the liar award:

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May 26 2013

TDS dismembers Peggy Noonan

  I’ve written here and here about the embarrassment that is Peggy Noonan. Having Noonan and her ilk on any news show where information is purportedly on equal footing with entertainment, presented as an equal with highly informed qualified analysts is an out and out sop to the most ridiculous of specimen of wingnut grifter. …

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May 22 2013

Needless to say, dixie wingnuts love them some E. W. Jackson

The Republican candidate for Lt. Gov in Virgina, E. W. Jackson, is a real piece of work. Seems a couple of years ago he praised an old deeply racist constituoinal clause defining African-American slaves as three-fifths of a real person. Now’s he’s been called on it:

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Apr 15 2013

Marx’s revenge

I’ve always thought the communists made a big mistake, especially the Soviets. Well, they made a bunch of mistakes in retrospect, not the least of which included the transfer of power. That was never worked out very well, paving the way for allegories like Animal Farm and real-world tyrants like Stalin. But another mistake — purely from an experiemtnal …

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Feb 14 2013

That makes me a sad panda


  Freedomworks reportedly borrowed a chapter from an old book, the Bible Genesis about 17 thru 19 I guess, and created a modern day caricature to smear Clinton in the worst way they could think of doing:

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Dec 05 2012

Freedom Works goes Dickless

The ground shakes, the sky darkens, an unholy union between a Master Orc and goblin minions forged deep in the darkest bowels of Mordor cleaves in twain: Dick Armey has left Freedom Works. This evil entity was arguably most responsible for funding and organizing and therefore elevating a nascent Teaparty. It was Armey’s Works who first saw crazy people in homemade colonial period costume ranting incoherently about the president’s …

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Dec 04 2012

Nothing secedes like secession


Have you heard of a debt plan called Panetta/Burns, similar to Bowles-Simpson? No? Good, because there is no such plan. Did you know ACORN stole the election for Obama? Nope? Also wise, see below. How about secession, the last refuge of a fake patriot or a real traitor? This new PPP poll (.pdf) has all that and more. …

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