TDS dismembers Peggy Noonan


I’ve written here and here about the embarrassment that is Peggy Noonan. Having Noonan and her ilk on any news show where information is purportedly on equal footing with entertainment, presented as an equal with highly informed qualified analysts is an out and out sop to the most ridiculous of specimen of wingnut grifter. In terms the non political can get their teeth into, it would be like having a prime time network round table dedicated to planetary science with New Horizon’s chief investigator Alan Stern, Kuiper Belt expert Mike Brown, Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait … and a known utterly discredited quack pitching books on Nibiru. That’s not even entirety an accurate analogy to the indignity of it. Add in that Stern, Brown, and Plait were forced by convention and network policy to take the quack’s points seriously and respond to the geyser of misinformation in a few seconds of soundbite, instead of pointing and laughing or questioning producers why this quack was allowed on at all. If you’re think I’m being too harsh, watch that video at the top, and keep in mind, that’s just a few highlights of Noonan’s serial duplicity


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