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Sep 09 2013

The lame duck meme gets concerned trolled

The game plan on Syria seems to coalescing on getting something passed in the Senate, then bombs way. To encourage Senate Democrats to that end, sources sympathetic to striking Syria have begun concern trolling the notion that failure to approve a resolution will have dire consequences. Which is silly for two big reasons:

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May 18 2013

Latest Benghazi attack begins to fall apart

I don’t know if this was planned or just an example of what happens when a person has trouble distinguishing facts from wishful thinking, but the latest iteration in the conservative Benghazi conspiracy theory may have been dealt a mortal blow.

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May 11 2013

Nooner on a bender with a semen stained dress


One can only imagine the denizens that titular link bait will draw, huh? And all they’re gonna get is a pic of three half-bald admittedly attractive grannies who like to mind-rape powerful men. Opps, did it again didn’t I? This place could be fixin to be interestin … Peggy Noonan is a camouflage artist. She can look …

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May 10 2013

There’s just no there there on Benghazi


I understand there are readers here who, by now, think I’m a hyper-partisan neurotic writer wanna-be prima donna asshole. Hi, thanks for reading. Partisan and the other stuff, yeah maybe. Hyper? Probably not. And imo I’m moderately partisan for a good reason; we have a party deeply compromised by big money that fucks over their base from time …

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