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Apr 22 2014

The end is nigh … again

I’m in the wrong line of work and, sadly, have a conscience thanks to my lousy parents giving me an inherent shame in lying and hyping. I’m not sure if anyone takes Pat Robertson seriously, but my fear is a lot of people do. And he clearly operates with no such moral restrictions:

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Aug 27 2013

To SNATCH an asteroid

  NASA released details on how it might grab an asteroid and bring it in orbit about the moon for more leisurely inspection. Here’s the scenario as it stands:

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Jul 16 2012

Planetary resources to team up with Virigin Galactic

An advanced orbital fuel and repair depot that could one day be supplied by Planetary Resources

The skyminers and the air mogul: Richard Branson’s fledgling space adventure enterprise will offer rides into space for Planetary Resources’ telescopes:

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