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Jul 29 2014

What is ‘terrorism’ and what is ‘self-defense’?


In mainstream US media coverage of the Israeli assault on Gaza, the attacks by Hamas are labeled ‘terrorism’ while those by Israel are labeled ‘self defense’. But as Glenn Greenwald says, the sheer statistics of the current assault on Gaza reveals how the US media uses those labels in a purely propagandist manner.

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Jul 25 2014

Kickstarter project to buy CNN

The Daily Show decides that with all the mergers and takeovers in the media industry, the time is ripe to bid for the cable news company. You can see all the rewards you will get for the differing pledge levels here.

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Jun 23 2014

I will be on the radio tomorrow

The Cleveland public radio affiliate station WCPN 90.3 FM will be having Joe Puckett and me on their morning call-in talk show The Sound of Ideas that runs from 9:00-10:00 am tomorrow (Tuesday), with a break for national news from 9:01-9:06. We will be joined by Tim Beal, a professor of religious studies at my …

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Jun 21 2014

The end of news

The Daily Show continues to chronicle the end of TV news as we have come to know it, as evidenced by the way the cable news networks covered the book tour of Hillary Clinton.

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Jun 06 2014

New York Times editor regrets past mistakes

In an interview with NPR, new editor of the New York Times Dean Baquet regrets that the paper has previously sat on stories at the behest of the government. He acknowledges that this is what cost them the Snowden scoops that he says that he would have loved to have got.

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Jun 05 2014

Media template to cover mass shootings

The Daily Show has analyzed the trajectory of media coverage in the wake of mass shootings like the recent one in California and since such events have become so routine, has created a template that the media can use to quickly cover them.

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Jun 05 2014

Greenwald and his critics

Today is the anniversary of the first news report based on the Edward Snowden documents and it is interesting to look back at how perceptions have changed over that time about Snowden and the journalists he used as a conduit for that information. A fascinating aspect has been the reactions of the so-called ‘liberal’ media …

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May 29 2014

A risky strategy on Greenwald’s part

Both Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald had long hinted that even greater bombshells were in the works and in recent days, Greenwald has indicated that this will be in the form of revealing the names of those who have been spied upon by the NSA.

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May 25 2014

Is this the secret to trolling?

Some people in the media, especially activists and pundits, feel a compulsion to stay visible in the public eye either because of ego or because that is how they make their living by giving talks and selling books and the like. The way they do that whenever they sense that they are being forgotten is …

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May 24 2014

Book review: No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald

I finished the book (its full title is No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State) in two sittings. It is not too long (about 250 pages) and Greenwald has a direct style where he says what he means without weasel words that makes it easy to follow. It describes …

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