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Jul 22 2014

Film review: Cowboy del Amor (2005)

This is a documentary that by all rights should be offensive and yet it was likable. It tells the story of Ivan Thompson, a 60-year old cowboy from New Mexico who acts as a matchmaker between American men and Mexican women. He stumbled into this business after his own divorce when he placed an ad …

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Jul 21 2014

Was James Garner a good actor?

Last night, I binge-watched five episodes of The Rockford Files on Netflix in memory of James Garner who died on Saturday. It kept me way past my normal bedtime but it was my way of memorializing someone who gave me, and so many others, hours and hours of pleasure. Unfortunately, Netflix does not have episodes …

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Jul 20 2014

James Garner (1928-2014)

He died yesterday. I loved watching James Garner from the time I first saw him in the cowboy TV series Maverick. He was perfect in the role of a wry nattily dressed card player roaming the west and getting into adventures. What made him unusual as a cowboy was that as far as possible he …

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Jul 16 2014

Film review: Her (2013)

I saw this film over the weekend and it was a huge disappointment. I was expecting big things because the central idea was interesting and it was critically acclaimed and won director Spike Jonze the 2014 Academy Award for best writing of an original screenplay. But I found that it really dragged.

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Jun 29 2014

Parody of Life of Pi

Another good effort from the writers of Sesame Street that is amusing even if you haven’t seen the film or read the book.

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Jun 22 2014

Sesame Street parody of True Blood

As I have said, I am falling further and further behind in terms of technology and popular culture and I depend on the usually excellent Sesame Street parodies to give me some clue about what people are talking about, while at the same time entertaining me. Here is their effort aimed at the hit TV …

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Jun 19 2014

Film review: Hairspray (1988)

If I had to choose one person from the world of film to spend an evening talking to, it would be no contest. Director John Waters would win by a mile. I can easily see myself spending hours talking to him. This is despite the fact that I had seen only one of his films …

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Jun 13 2014

Soylent? Really?

There is a new food product that supposedly provides you with all the necessary nutrition in liquid form so that you don’t have to waste time shopping for food, cooking, cleaning etc. In a move that I must admit is marketing genius, the 25-year old inventor and CEO of the company has called its product …

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Jun 12 2014

Honest trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street

I recently panned the film The Wolf of Wall Street. The people who produce the funny Honest Trailers series have created something that gives a much better view of that film than the trailers produced by the film’s producers. These parody trailers are funnier when you have seen the film. They are funny even if …

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Jun 06 2014

Kenneth Turan recommends films not to be missed

Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan also reviews films for NPR and in general I have found his recommendations to agree with my own tastes. So I was interested to hear a clip that he had published a new book where he recommends 54 films, starting from the 1920s until today, that he thinks …

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