Zeteticon…next week!

The advertising for Zeteticon has been a bit low key, so it’s a good thing I happened to check my calendar! And then I looked at the roster, and it’s a good bunch — Beth and Matt and Fred and Aron and Richard and August and David and Katie, who I have not met before. Come on out to Fargo, ND this next weekend!

I notice I don’t have a title listed, which suggests that once again mail from an organizer has been snared in my spam trap, and I’ll have to go dig it up, but in case they see this, the title of my talk is “Synteny and Creationist Sins of Omission: They always forget about those pesky genes.” It’s about molecular genetics and the ignorance of creationists, if you can’t guess.

A little bit of hope in a very typical story

Angel Mario Vega, a student at Minnesota State University Moorhead, tried a too-typical stunt: he got a couple of young women (one of them under age) disgustingly drunk, literally carried one of them to his dorm room, set up a camera, and filmed himself raping her. Oh, and of course he bragged to his buddies about it and invited them to come watch. Stupid and a rapist, that usual sweet combination.

But then something interesting happened.

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Nietzsche is not S.E. Cupp, OK?

Every review of Nick Spencer’s Atheists — the Origin of the Species leaves me less inclined to even want to read it. The man can’t possibly be as big an idiot as the reviewers make him out to be, can he?

The latest paean to Spencerian inanity comes from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It always puzzles me how such a secular country can have a major media outlet that so blithely props up religious twits, but here they go again with the director of the Centre for Public Christianity, Simon Smart, who’s apparently spent his whole life trying to defy the name he was saddled with at birth.

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