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Apr 14 2014

Minnesota was the first!

Maybe it’s not quite as prestigious as First Man on the Moon, but Minnesota has First Beer Delivery by Drone. I suspect a little cheating. I don’t think that drone could lift a full box of beer. But then, Amazon hasn’t actually made any deliveries with their drones yet, either — at least Minnesotans have …

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Apr 12 2014

I need this for my cosmetics bag

Lookin' good for Jesus!

It’s going to be tough to use, though: that Jesus looks terribly unimpressed. At least he’s not weeping tears of blood.

Mar 31 2014

My future tattoo

I, for one, welcome our glorious future of ubiquitous computing. Researchers have come up with a temporary tattoo that functions as a computer, complete with processing power, data storage, and wireless data reception and transmission. Also, drugs. The researchers constructed the device by layering a package of stretchable nanomaterials — sensors that detect temperature and …

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Mar 31 2014


Don’t worry, this video is perfectly safe for work, except for the little fact that if you watch to the very end you’ll get sucked into your computer screen and transported to the 19th century. This morning, I had to fight my way through a mob of Norwegian farmers who hardly spoke any English to …

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Mar 26 2014

I’m sure this isn’t creepy at all

Maybe it’s just me, but are Purity Balls getting even squickier? During the ceremony, the fathers present their daughters with purity rings, and the duo become boyfriend and girlfriend No no no no no no no. Please no. A father’s relationship with his daughter should be completely different than the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Blech. And really, …

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Mar 06 2014

Sorry, art historians…

You’ve all been replaced by a simplistic algorithmic protocol, which, as a side effect, has completely ruined van Eyck for me for all time.

Mar 05 2014

Space travel is boring

I can scarcely bear to scroll through just our solar system, all just to see some tiny scattered dots. There isn’t a single solitary space squid to be found, so why bother?

Mar 05 2014

Debating tips from Ben Shapiro

I was reading these debating suggestions from a particularly stupid wingnut with the idea that I’d just do the opposite…until it sunk in that they’re so contradictory that I can’t even do that. So to recap, the only way conservatives can win debates is to not look angry, while publicly shaming their opponent, punching first, …

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Mar 03 2014

Why John Travolta will never be allowed to introduce me

Because my name is not Piotr Noses.

Feb 22 2014


Yuko Higuchi

When I rule the universe, there shall be a sacred rule: thou shalt not mingle images of the holy cephalopod with those of the wicked feline, for these are FALSE IDOLS which shall evoke my righteous wrath.

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