Johnson’s johnson

I’m sorry, but I was up at 5 putting the finishing touches on two exams I’m giving this afternoon, and which I have to get graded by tomorrow morning, because I’m giving a third exam tomorrow, which also has to be graded quickly. I’m in a bit of a haze right now, but I feel a need to comment on this:

Ultra-creepy millionaire Bryan Johnson has increased his creepiness score ten-fold by hooking up a machine to his penis every night to record its unconscious activity, and worst of all, is bragging about it on the internet. He’s spending $2 million per year to try and game aging, getting scores on arbitrary metrics that he can point to and brag that his body parts have different ages.

Now he wants to have the penis of an 18 year old.

He claims he now has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the fitness of an 18-year-old.

I know it’s an old joke, but where does he keep them? In jars on his mantelpiece?

I apologize again. My only excuse is that I’m addled with exhaustion and will be getting no respite until next week.

Hey, I’d look younger than my age if I could spend a few million dollars to hire people to write and grade these exams.


  1. says

    “I have the skin of a 28-year-old.”
    “Well, you better give it back, you’re wrinkling it all up.”
    Another old joke. Red Skelton, if memory serves.

  2. says

    Last year at the age of 72 my GP decided it was about time to get a comprehensive heart screening. After ECGs, stress tests, ultrasounds and CT scans the conclusion was that I had the heart of a 55 year old. Trouble is they can’t explain why the 55 year old wants it back.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Now he wants to have the penis of an 18 year old.

    in the mouth or in the ass?

    I don’t figure this capitalist shit for a bottom, though.

  4. Matt G says

    I wonder if he has dreams of German nihilists threatening to take giant scissors and cut off his johnson.

  5. hemidactylus says

    Is it normal be erect over 3 hours over the course of a night? At what point does this turn into priapism, which I assume is not desirable at all?

    Is such penile function oversharing normal or desirable?

    At 49 frequency of and ease of urination might be of more important concern, but shared between someone and their urologist, not the internet (ok maybe with an online support group).

    And what is actually being conveyed by the peeling banana. If one continues hooking up devices to their junk overnight in pursuit of transhuman immortal idealism this separation of cover from contents may just come to…ummm…fruition.

    Is the thing on the left butter, Swiss cheese, or a sponge? Again, Swiss cheese could become the result.

    Or it could go green or gangrene.

    Again PZ is compelled to update the status of Johnson’s johnson as I surely would not go into much effort in finding this for myself. Maybe your dreams will now be haunted by dancing cucumbers hooked to turgidity analyzers. You brought that on yourself.

  6. billmcd says

    So, I’d just like to point out that he wants his erection to have the rigidity of a vegetable… that snaps. Breaks clean off.


  7. woozy says

    “I know it’s an old joke, but…”

    … for a second I thought you were going to go for the other (kinda sexist) joke… ya know, the one about your “60 year old ass”…

  8. wzrd1 says

    At age 62, I’ve been informed that I have the heart of a 40 year old. When I asked doctor to justify such a subjective statement, he proclaimed it was an objective statement, as my heart remains the way it was at age 40 – other than that moderately leaking mitral valve.
    To which I questioned his objective findings.
    If it is a case of, “Other than X, Y is the same, Y is obviously no longer the same, shithead”.

    Laughably, doctor never said such an idiotic thing, although beyond the COVID damaged valve, my cardiac function and level of plaque remains the same. So, my heart is the same as at age 40, other than it being 62 years old or something.
    My everything else, well, I’m amazed that I don’t leave a trail of body parts in my wake at times.

    Still, if I had millions to pay someone to come up with that bullshit, I’d look like I’m 20 on paper. Reality says, if I have the body of a 20 year old, I’d better bury it before it stinks the place up.

  9. says

    Now he wants to have the penis of an 18 year old.

    They’re called rentboys: they’ll give you all the 18-year-old penises you’re willing to pay for. Problem solved. Yer welcome.

  10. Artor says

    I’m 53, and I feel like my junk is as fully functional as it ever was. I have to wonder just what kind of serious decline Johnson has been going through that he feels so desperate about “rejuvenation.”

  11. Nathaniel Hellerstein says

    Insert obvious “exhibitionism” joke here.
    Whom is he trying to impress with this? Other than himself?
    He forgot to add: “mind of a 14-year-old”.
    Insert obvious “insert” joke here.

  12. Louis says

    IIRC (without picking up a medical textbook literally 1m away from me on a shelf) wang turgidity and cardiovascular health can/do correlate. E.g. hypertension (can) lead(s) to a floppy johnson. Or a “Boris” as it is properly called. Maybe this johnson, Johnson, is onto something about his johnson. Nothing revolutionary. Ask a urologist (and find out how sildenafil works).

    At this point, I would like to remind any concerned gentlemen that a Jubilee clip and two lollipop sticks (one each side, stop kidding yourself) make a handy dandy boner splint. Incorporate some clingfilm wrapped around one’s dong prior to securing the rest of the splint, and you have yourselves an artisanal, bespoke, hand-crafted condom. You’re welcome.


  13. says

    Language is a often a malleable game. Does PZ’s title refer to an element of anatomy of someone named johnson (a possessive contraction – pun intended). Or, does it refer to how the person johnson is a johnson (contraction of Johnson is a johnson)? Obviously, this rich clown doesn’t think with his brain. He thinks with his penis. And, his articles are merely wasted diurnal ejaculations.
    Should we start referring to him as a big dick-head?

  14. says

    Okay, only one more fun comment and then I must get back to work. johnson claims he now has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the fitness of an 18-year-old.
    And, we are compelled to add, ‘and the brain of a 10 year old’ constantly playing with himself. But, is that because he has no friends or because he is obsessed with his own genitals?

  15. Akira MacKenzie says

    Even though I definitely have body image problems (I’m fat and ugly.) the size or of my penis never was a problem. Not to TMI, but it’s a nice, average size and while I just turned 49 a couple of weeks ago it doesn’t look any different when I was 18.

    I like it.

  16. chesapeake says

    In my efforts to deal with ED lately ,at age 82, I learned that the reason for night time erections is that the increase of blood flow keeps the penis healthy. Otherwise it tends to decompensate. And since 20210,the FDA has approved a small -5mg- dose of Cialis for BPH, thus allowing easier urination. Large studies also show a decrease in heart attacks and strokes, though these studies are only observational and don’t show cause and effect. Still. Been on that for 3 months and it helps with urination a lot and also keeps my Johnson much bigger almost all the time, thus helping to keep it healthy. And more aesthetically pleasing .It seems the lack of blood flow really hurts it healthwise. It’s also reacts to stimulation rather quickly, leading to a decent erection, ,which is a great boon to me and my new love interest. I wish I had been on this drug since 2010, not that I’ve had ED all this time, but for the BPH effect and the possible heart and stroke effects. So, mock Johnson all you like, but there is something to his interest in keeping the blood flowing. Makes my life a LOT better.

  17. chesapeake says

    Cialis works for 36 hours so with the daily dose it is working 24 hours a day, unlike viagra and the other two which work for only about 4 hours. The only problem for me is that I can’t take nitro if I start having a heart attack . Oh well.

  18. ardipithecus says

    He’s displaying the extreme disappointment that rich people get when they discover that wealth doesn’t halt aging.

  19. vucodlak says

    @ hemidactylus, #5

    And what is actually being conveyed by the peeling banana.

    A peeled banana is softer than an unpeeled banana, but is harder than what I think is supposed to be tofu. He’s aiming for “cucumber,” evidently. Presumably, without the nasty spines that some cucumbers have.

    General advice: Always remember to check your cukes before you do any entertaining.

  20. birgerjohansson says

    Raging Bee @ 24
    At least this putz did not kill tens of thousands of Brits.
    (putz, schmuck etc refers to the relevant part of anatomy)

  21. anthrosciguy says

    Wonder why the guy always poses for pics the same way I held my face to fool the age guesser at the CNE in Toronto 30 years ago.

  22. Ridana says

    @17 Louis wrote (in jest, I trust): “a Jubilee clip and two lollipop sticks.”

    First, I learned a new term – never heard a hose clamp called that before. :D

    Second, if you plan to involve another person for insertion purposes, please do wrap it after applying suggested splint as well, or you will likely end up being yeeted across the room.

  23. Louis says

    @Ridana, #30,

    I promise you I was joking.

    Apropos of nothing, has anyone got a screwdriver?


  24. robro says

    Speaking of dicks, Kevin McCarthy is retiring at the end of December. Perhaps he’ll join the Trump campaign team.

  25. chrislawson says


    The PDE5 inhibitors were originally developed as cardiovascular drugs before early testing uncovered the ED effect. Pfizer saw dollar signs, changed tack to apply for ED indications, and made billions. The reason you can’t take nitrates with them is that both classes are potent vasodilators and they can drop blood pressure precipitously in combination. On the positive side, this also means the Cialis is already doing a lot of the work that a nitrate would.

  26. AstroLad says

    I don’t think he’s related to the Rock Ridge Johnsons (Blazing Saddles). At least, I don’t remember a Boner Johnson. They started out as dickheads, but end up as decent people. After all, they did take the Irish.

  27. Louis says

    @wzrd1, #32,

    When all you want is to nail things, every tool is a hammer. Something like that.


  28. John Morales says

    One thing to keep one’s tool in excellent condition, but actually using it matters more. Using it well is best.

  29. Silentbob says

    @ ^

    You might want to present your claim that a poor oft used tool is superior to an excellent rarely used tool to some women Juan Ramón (should you encounter any such). You may find yourself in for a disappointment.

  30. StevoR says

    @ Raging Bee :

    Now he wants to have the penis of an 18 year old.

    They’re called rentboys: they’ll give you all the 18-year-old penises you’re willing to pay for. Problem solved. Yer welcome.

    Applicable state prostitution laws permitting. Also consent from rentbioys in question still required. But yeah.

  31. Louis says

    Messers Morales and Bob,

    Put your tools away, boys! No one cares who has the biggest and/or best. ;-)


    P.S. But if anyone did care: I do. Definitely. Must be true. I said so.

  32. John Morales says

    Messers Morales and Bob,

    FFS, Louis. You too?

    There is no us. No [Morales and Bob], more [Morales] and [bob].

    There is me, and there is my obsessive hatefan.

    Not a pairing.

    The SpewGargler pops into threads just to harass me, having years ago now realised constantly calling me a troll and appealing to the blog owner and to other commenters to ban/shun me was not working. But the harassment goes on.

    I choose to respond, unless I need not (such as in this instance, when I can just respond to you), so that there is no need.

    Juan Ramón

    That has history, right there. For a while, bob pretended to try to teach me how my own name works.
    That was mildly amusing, but much like GeorgeSantos, there is never any embarrassment.

    Messers Morales and Bob

    My name is real. Not a nym.
    So, what you mean is Messers Morales and “Bob” (of the silent variety, apparently).

    I’ve been trying to get through to the SpewGargler that each time they misnyme me, I will return the favour, but obviously that’s not a problem for them. I’ve many (many) times not asked for their natal name so that we can be on par, but of course, as a sniper the ScummyBum never actually follows up. Just pops into a thread, snipes at me, and disappears.

    Perhaps with the (by now formulaic) appeal to everyone to beware my trollishness.

    No one cares who has the biggest and/or best. ;-)

    Or the most smegma. For what that’s worth.

    But thing is, there is nothing I can do to stop the SmegmaBobble from continually sniping at me.
    To them, it’s personal.

    To me, it used to be annoying. But, as I’ve mentioned in the past, lemons, lemonade.

    Put your tools away, boys!

    So. Fucking. Stupid.

    I am not the obsessive one, Louis.

    The only possible way my obsessive hatefan will not pop into comments to snipe at me is if I don’t comment.

    Solution is simple as, really. I comment as usual, and when they snipe, I retort and treat them as a chewtoy.

    They want that, fine.

    But there is no “us”.

    (Hopefully, I have not been obscure)

  33. says

    He’s just a kid, himself. All the skin tighteners and fancy diets won’t save him from what is coming. I’d say I’ll check back in on him when he’s 60 but I probably won’t be around by then.

  34. says

    Kind ladies and gentle men (I know many of you are). I hope I have PZ’s approval in requesting that we all please stay constructive, focused and refrain from directing hate at other than the appropriate subjects of PZ’s post. I suggest we stop feeding any trolls that want to turn this commenting arena into a childish, personal cage fight to determine who has the bigger ego.

  35. Rob Grigjanis says

    shermanj @46:

    I suggest we stop feeding any trolls that want to turn this commenting arena into a childish, personal cage fight to determine who has the bigger ego.

    Very diplomatic wishy-washy, but the only such troll I’ve seen is Silentbob, with his weird obsession with John Morales and chigau, in which he continues to misname his targets.

  36. wzrd1 says

    Louis @ 38, in my experience, when all you need is a screwdriver, the only tool to be found in the toolbox will be a hammer.
    Or as in this morning, every damned screwdriver save one that’ll reach and fit the screw head. Boy, was the hammer tempting! Alas, it was a neighbor’s appliance, hence was not an option.
    Weird problem though. Neighbor’s cat chews through device power cord. Replacement cord didn’t work, had a dead unit. Somehow, the power switch also failed, opening up. Bridged it for emergency usage, it works again. Theorized that possibly the cat smelled it smouldering and chewed through the cord. Otherwise, it’d be like taking scissors to a lamp cord, cutting the cord while it was live and the light bulb failed, making zero electrical sense.
    Amazingly, the cat got a zap, but is otherwise OK.

  37. says

    @47 Rob Grigjanis wrote: that I was ‘Very wishy-washy’.
    I reply: If you consider my desire to be civilized and constructive is wishy-washy, then the feedback I get by many on discussion boards that I help run would upset you. You would not fit in.

    @47 Rob Grigjanis wrote: only such troll I’ve seen is Silentbob, with his weird obsession with John Morales and chigau
    I reply: I have no intention of inflaming things, but, in reviewing many posts, yes, Silentbob has replied with personal insulting remarks to Morales. However, I there were many times when Morales engaged in unprovoked personal attacks on others rather than continuing a productive, on-topic discussion. If I wanted to read inane childish pie fight comments, I’d go to toxic social media sites like xitter.

  38. chigau (違う) says

    Doing this
    <blockquote>paste copied text here</blockquote>
    Results in this

    paste copied text here

    It makes comments with quotes easier to read.

  39. Rob Grigjanis says

    shermanj @49: The apparent inability to see a glaring asymmetry is hardly what I would call civilised or constructive. Opinions differ…

  40. John Morales says

    [Rob @44, yes.
    But lemons, lemonade is better for me. Not so good for other commenters, I know.]

    [shermanj is not aware I chose ‘truth machine’ as my sifu — I continue his style]

  41. says

    @50 chigau suggested the html tag for blockquote to differentiate quotes.
    I reply: thanks for the tip. For decades I’ve used html keyed into a notepad everyday for website coding. But, i use plain text for my commenting on forums and blogs. It is cleaner to archive in databases.

  42. chigau (違う) says

    John Morales
    That was definitely before my time.
    Whatever became of all of them, I wonder.

  43. Louis says

    @John Morales, #43,

    I KNOW! And I agree.

    Forgive my humour. The P.S. was the “important part”… for a very generous interpretation of “important”. In a thread of Feeble Knob Jokes(TM), I saw one… ;-)

    Briefly serious, forgive my curiosity, but I wander, I wonder!

    I know there is no “us” with you and Bob. I know that (per above) your strategy is the Traditional Pharyngula Chewtoy Method, approved by all over years of pharyngulations, when insulted/trolled. There is a limited pairing, even though it is not an equal one in any terms: he insults, you reply. That is a paired set of actions between two people. Not the most significant pairing, I agree!

    I’m a little too much like you with things like this for comfort. Why should someone get away unchallenged for being unpleasant? IMO they shouldn’t. I can’t claim I “learned” that for some people, ignoring them is the “best” option because it isn’t vastly more often than it is. I’m on team “stomp them until they are a pink puddle of pulsating piss”, and you’re certainly within your rights to join/remain on that team, you don’t need my (or anyone’s) approval or justification. A lack of a block function in relation to other commenters is a shame here.

    I have a question or two for you. Here’s the preamble:

    Bob’s not stopping his insults, your chew toy strategy hasn’t succeeded in that limited way. He doesn’t change if you reply or if you don’t. In the absence of PZ wielding the banhammer, nothing you are actively doing has any effect. Actively doing something takes effort.

    Regardless of what Bob might deserve or otherwise, and whether or not you are irritated (you seem to be to me, from what can be detected via a limited text medium).

    Q1: In the absence of effect on Bob’s behaviour, what is the non-zero effort made to reply to/chew toy him achieving? In other words: Replying costs you X, what’s the result (Y) of that cost, you do X, what is Y? What benefit are you accruing, if any? Catharsis?

    Q2: Would simply ignoring Bob be better for YOU?

    I am, of course, ignoring what benefits etc Bob accrues, because, you’re right, his apparently obsessive insulting and baiting of you is pathetic at best, and pointlessly nasty at worst. I’m not debating whether or not those actions exist or are appropriate: they do and they aren’t. My curiosity stems only from the fact that, and this is coming from me Ragey McRageface, I’m ignorant of the benefits of your actions for YOU, so I’m curious as to what you see them to be. I can infer some, of course.


    P.S. A personal context: after long years of what is undeniably (by any definition) proper, actionable abuse from them, I have cut a couple of people out of my life with the same severity and remorse I would feel if I cut out a tumour. I won’t say that’s been easy, but the sort of cost/benefit analysis I allude to above has clearly shown a large benefit derived from this action. I wouldn’t say it was “ignoring” them, it’s more “fuck off or I’ll take out an order under the harassment act”. So pretty nuclear. It hasn’t necessarily removed the results of their abuse, but it has reduced the effort I used to expend dealing with it (replying, reasoning, ruminating, grey-rocking etc. Delete as inappropriate!). The effort might not have been huge, but it was non-zero. I have that gain, and I can spend that effort elsewhere as I reduce the results of their abuse. I’m wondering if your non-zero effort (however small) could be repurposed to your benefit, if it does accrue more benefit for you than the current situation. Similarly to me.

  44. Louis says

    @Chigau and John Morales,

    That archive is a travesty. An outrage. An injustice.

    It hasn’t recorded my Molly! ;-)

    I think we need a new, related, award: “The Mother Superior”. Derived from the length of one’s Pharyngula habit…


  45. John Morales says

    [Oh, right]

    (1) Achieves nothing, other than demonstrating I shan’t be out-stubborned.
    (1a) Also, at one point early on in the process, I told them that, since their ostensible goal was to have me cease posting at all because all I ever do is troll, their actions were perverse in that each time they tried to snipe/goad me I would respond, adding to my comment count. And I try to keep my word.
    (2) Not in the slightest. Rather, the opposite. It would mean they have “won”, by harassing me into silence. Fuck that.
    (2a) Not my style. Would it surprise you that in one school year, I basically did not miss detention once?
    Silly teachers thought they could harass me into compliance, my psychological reactance kicked in.

  46. Rob Grigjanis says

    John @65:

    (2) Not in the slightest. Rather, the opposite. It would mean they have “won”, by harassing me into silence. Fuck that.

    No, they only “win” if you stop commenting altogether. This is something I don’t get; you seem to feel the need to respond to everything directed at you. Don’t you ever simply get bored with answering some twit who keeps rattling on at you, on whatever topic? I certainly do, now and then.

  47. John Morales says

    Rob, think of the principle of least action in dynamics; were it easier for me to do otherwise than I do, I probably would.

  48. Louis says

    @John Morales, #64 + #65,

    Oh no apology necessary, limited text based medium, innit? I can easily screw up and telegraph the humour clearly enough.

    Re: your answers, I did infer some of that from comments/actions passim, but thank you for being explicit and indulging me.

    “Winning” is an interesting concept here. I don’t think Bob could harass you into silence, and why would you ever be silent when many pharyngulatory opportunities await? We could enjoy the attentions of another transphobe or sundry bigot any day now. PZ’s filters are finite. I’m such an optimist :-)

    An option is to just keep commenting as you would if Bob weren’t here. He can snipe and insult as much as he wants, it’s him that looks like a bellend for doing so. Your stubbornness can flow into replying or ignoring (as two extreme examples). Winning also works for both (and other) actions. Keeping your promise isn’t a win any more than changing strategy is a loss.

    Using my own personal example from above, one of my wife’s family members is a properly abusive human (physical abuse of partners etc. He’s a cop…make of that what you will). When he met me he tried and failed to do his little dominance routine, I asked him to knock it off (nicely). When he kept going, I let him know that continuing would result in me simply not speaking to him, to make it so my little corner of the universe was exactly as it was before I met him. He carried on, I cut him out. He can do what he wants, see who he wants, be what he wants, it’s nothing to me. If I have the option of not being where he is, I’ll take it (the cost), if I have to be where he is I’ll simply ignore him (another cost), but my life has been significantly improved by simply treating him as if he doesn’t exist (big benefit, and worth the cost!). Other people have tried to convince me to change my approach, I simply ask them to paint me a picture of what that future looks like. They can’t because they know that what they are asking is for me to make them feel better (i.e. resolve their internal discomfort) at my own expense. Which of course I won’t. If that bothers them so much: see the first cost I am willing to pay. I.e. my absence. Which is, obviously, not much of a cost. If people want to play with this person to my exclusion, I’ve ultimately lost nothing and no one, however sad that might be.

    The, admittedly nasty, side benefit here is that this person absolutely, categorically shits the bed about this at every opportunity. We both recently attended a family wedding (a two parter). I offered to withdraw so that there would be no problems, and the bride and groom were adamant I attend. At both events this guy absolutely lost his mind, in public, because I simply didn’t acknowledge him. He’s been whinging and moaning for >5 years to all who will give him an ear about my wickedness and all round utter bastardry. If this is broached, I just say no more to them than “Okay, if that’s what you think of me, I can’t change your mind. I’ll not bother you.”. Strangely, no one has abandoned me yet!

    Again, remember I come from the school of “punch people abusive arseholes repeatedly”. I am a fan of “punching nazis”, surely the modern litmus test of the intolerant bastard. ;-) A tolerant person who can permanently exhibit calm, cool aloofness I am not. I am getting better at it, mind you. I would never say I chuckle at how much my refusal to engage with him boils his piss. However, I will also not not say it…

    Arguably, “winning” via sang froid is even more satisfying, no? Nothing more hilarious than watching someone scream into the void. And so what if you you change strategy? It’s no less “keeping your word” than continuing as is would be. In pigeon chess, the best strategy is not to play. Let the pigeon squawk. Only fools will be convinced, and do you really care about the opinions of Bob or weak-minded fools regarding you? Why give them the power to influence your actions at all? The people I won’t deal with are worth less to me than the slime off the end of my cock (keeping it relevant).

    Ultimately, of course, this is all up to you. You can “win” and/or demonstrate your stubbornness this way or that way or any other way, no skin off my nose. I remember my decision clearly: head-on engagement wasn’t getting me what I wanted (which was the absence of this abusive person, as far as possible), so I changed strategy. “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”, Narcotics Anonymous, apparently, not Einstein. If what you’re doing, upon ruthless self-examination, truly gets you what you want, keep on keeping on, brother!


  49. Louis says

    ^ not telegraph…

    You know when you review a thing and it’s okay…then it isn’t?


  50. Rob Grigjanis says

    John @67: “least action” is actually a misnomer. The principle actually refers to stationary points of the action, which could be maxima or minima.

    But yeah, I don’t get it, but I know it. Some people think Steve Carell is funny.

  51. Louis says


    I suppose, of course, that SilentBob could simply shut the fuck up and cope with the fact that there exists “Someone He Doesn’t Like On The Internet”.

    But does that capacity exist? The question with people determined to be unpleasant is not whether or not they will. It’s whether or not they can. In my extensive experience, it ultimately boils down, in almost every case observed, that they can’t. Abuse (of any type) is, ultimately, the failing of the abuser, not the abused. Certain types of people will almost always try to justify their actions by pointing to the flaws of others. It’s transparent bullshit. The choice not to act exists. Obviously, it’s situational! But I think, without fear of contradiction, that the posting style of someone in a blog comment section is not the same as the Kindertransport in terms of whether or not action is required. So what if how you post in this comment section makes you the world’s worst bastard, a monster in human form? It doesn’t logically flow from that that continual harassment is a justified strategy for responding. Is and Ought, or is it Ought and Is? ;-)


  52. John Morales says

    “Winning” is an interesting concept here.

    To clarify, that’s my visceral feeling, not a reasoned stance. Can’t help feeling what one feels.

    Thanks, both of you, for getting it. Nice to get a reality check.

    (perhaps I’m overdoing it)

  53. John Morales says

    PS Also, I appreciate the anecdotal parable, Louis. Very vivid, I think I get the relevance.

  54. Louis says

    @John Morales, #72,

    I agree; it’s not possible not to feel what one feels. Feelings are facts. Not the TOPIC of the feeling (I feel X is true, therefore X is true), no no no. The internal experience of a feeling is a real thing. People sometimes forget that. Actions based on feelings are, to a greater extent, optional. Feelings are like weather, they happen to you. Actions are like umbrellas, if you’ve got one on you, you can use it to stay dry.

    Whether or not you are overdoing anything is a moot point. I don’t know! You’re acting on your feelings as you see fit. You’re a big boy, that’s down to you. My only concern (and I am VERY CONCERNED ;-) Remember the concern trolls? Ah, the good old days! I’m not, for reference, concerned. It was An Joke), is that you might be spending effort on something that, and only you can determine this, is not getting you what you truly want.

    Has the “cost” to you of your replying shut Bob up? Has the “cost” to him of continuing to insult you got you to shut up? Presumably, the goal of both of you is, in some part, about shutting the other up. So far, all the insults, and all the replies, haven’t worked to achieve the goal of shutting anyone up. I’ve got no idea what the next trick should be, all I can see is the current ones don’t work on the shutting anyone up front.

    And ultimately, all anyone wants is this Johnson fellow to shut the fuck up about the age of his dong. SEE! Relevant…



  55. Louis says

    Oh yeah, and that wedding?

    My wife and I were sat next to the father of the bride at the top table (a nice surprise, we’re far from the closest relatives by blood, and there were many, IMO, better/more politically astute options).

    The reek of piss being boiled was…



  56. Jazzlet says

    I quite understand that feeling, but have ended up taking Louis’ action in similar (although not as extreme) circumstances, with similar results. I just get so bored of . . . oh FFS I can’t remember the word, not paging or rolling . . . scrolling dammit, scrolling through the longer exchanges in search of comments of interest, because I do think you often make interesting comments when not responding to the irritant. But that is quite clearly my problem, not yours.


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