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Jul 14 2012

On Open- And Closed-Mindedness

They’re calling us “closed minded”, cos we say we don’t expect Any evidence for god to come along Their sycophants agree with them, or did last time I checked, But their use of “open-mindedness” is wrong The odds are very small that there is evidence to find That would make a non-believer come around What …

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Mar 22 2012

It Just Goes To Show You, It’s Always Something…

I once met a fellow whose face would turn blue As he thundered “I’m tellin’ ya, brother— When I look at the things people tell me are true… If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.” “To doubt the Big Bang—why, the notion’s absurd— The trick is, before the Big Bang was God’s Word” (more, after …

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Feb 24 2012

Nebraska Ghosts! (This Way To The Egress!)

They heard the museum was haunted! Undaunted, They brought their equipment, to see for themselves. Recorders and other such get-up were set up Midst Indian artifacts filling the shelves You might, given that’s what your choice is, hear voices In fuzzy recordings and that sort of thing The noises they’ve heard may be ghostly, but …

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Feb 05 2012

Reading Asparagus

We’ll fathom what becomes of us By tossing some asparagus; Examine it; determine, thus, The path we’re bound to take. A path we know; we need no scouts! We know it well; we have no doubts! We heard it from the Brussels sprouts, The choices we must make. The cabbages and collard greens, The lettuces …

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Jan 08 2012

NH Primary, Written In The Stars

The stars and the planets don’t give half a fuck For the fates of the people on earth But astrologers think they can tell us the luck Of the candidates, based on their birth. Who will win? Who will lose? How can anyone know? All the pundits are seeking an answer; Can we know who …

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Dec 28 2011

Times Square Jumbotron Strikes Again

Via James Randi’s Swift, a time-sensitive message. Remember when the National Vaccine Information Center ran ads this past April, on the Times Square Jumbotron? They’re baaaack: (Important stuff, after the jump:)

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Dec 22 2011

Hey! A New Book!

With me in it! How did I not write about this yet? The Young Australian Skeptics have put together a Skeptical Blog Anthology, which is now available–proceeds from sales go directly to the Young Australian Skeptics, which is only part of why you should buy several copies. The other reason is, well, the stuff between …

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Dec 15 2011

Proof Of God?

Over at Debunking Christianity, John Loftus answers a question. Specifically, the question of “what would it take for you, an atheist, to believe in god?”, and the objection that in reality, our answers are all lip service, that we are closed-minded and unwilling to budge. You can go take a look at his answer, but …

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Oct 27 2011

Headline Muse, 10/27

See, I don’t want my prices to rise But it’s worthless if nobody buys As I calculate cost, I’m admitting—I’m lost! What’s the right rate to charge to tell lies? Headline: This Way to the Séance A strange story in the Wall Street Journal. Just another profile of a small business owner… in this case, …

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Oct 21 2011

I Got My Wish!

Wrong-again Harold had made a prediction Wrong-again Harold was once again wrong Wrong-again Harold believed in a fiction, But wrong-again Harold kept chugging along. Wrong-again Harold had plenty of money So wrong-again Harold bought billboards and such People who saw them all thought they were funny But wrong-again Harold, he didn’t care much Wrong-again Harold …

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