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Mar 25 2014

Money To Burn

There’s a lesson here, somewhere, If only we’d learn it Yes, people love money, But working to earn it? Much better to win some Why, no one would spurn it— With no guarantee, though… You might as well burn it. A radio station in Calgary has been (and, currently, still is) conducting an experiment of …

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Mar 13 2014

Intrinsically Worthless

From a comment at an article “The Empty, Boring Atheism of Richard Dawkins” (from the Catholic World Report, naturally): “What is an “appetite for wonder” in an intrinsically meaningless universe but simply an appetite for diversion and entertainment?” I love my spouse and children— Well, I say I call it “love”, But it doesn’t hold …

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Feb 05 2014

In Which I Argue At Length With A MacArthur Genius

Strong-ily, wrong-ily Neurophilosophers Tout their position: “The self as the brain” Finding our cause in our Neuroanatomy— Sadly, it’s fictional: Lemme explain…. (tl;dr–”brain as self” models are dependent on a particular philosophical model; the conclusions are more a factor of the requirements of that model than of the evidence.) Mano presents a clip from the …

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Nov 20 2013

Ah… Memories…

I remember it so clearly It’s as if it just occurred I remember every image, Every moment, every word; I remember every instant, Every story, brief or long, I remember it forever… But I just remember wrong. I can tell you all that happened On a day ten years ago— I can tell you, I …

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Oct 29 2013

If Obama’s An Atheist, He’s Sure Got A Funny Way Of Showing It

I’m certain Obama’s an atheist The clues are all there, if you search— Like the way he supports public praying And the way he has long gone to church His support for the faith-based initiatives And his scripture reflections each day Yes, I’m certain Obama’s an atheist Cos the clues are all there on display. …

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Oct 21 2013


There is beauty in simplicity When simple things are true; But solving complex mysteries— There’s beauty in that, too There are simple things, and complex things, And mysteries and more… Sure, sometimes you have favorites, But it isn’t either/or Ok, so I saw this commercial, and it really bothered me: Do you want to hear …

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Sep 20 2013

Piecing Together The Fragments Of The Past

Frieze fragment

From fragments sifted from the dirt We piece together what was here An image forms, a poor mosaic; Some details never will be shown. The evidence of daily life— A broken lamp, a shattered vase, A stairway worn with countless steps, The profile of a woman’s face— These buried pieces, lost to time We may …

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Aug 19 2013

Unintended Consequences; or, Get Off Of My Lawn!

My parents worked through poverty, Through hardship and through strife, In part so we, their children, had A better chance at life And we, their sons and daughters, With our parents’ words well heeded Have worked so that our children, too Have better lives than we did. To make the world a better place Each …

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Jul 20 2013

Oh, Nothing, Really….

When philosophers talk about “nothing” Why, their nothing has nothing at all No time, and no space, and no matter, Not even the quantumly small When philosophers talk about “nothing” It’s a special and magical word But it isn’t the “nothing” that physicists see, Cos the thing is, it must be inferred Now, this doesn’t …

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Jul 10 2013


Thinkingly, winkingly, Internet videos Promise us puppies who Patently plan; Claim that it isn’t just Anthropomorphism— Clearly, these canines are Thinking like Man Over at NPR’s 13.7:Cosmos And Culture blog, Barbara J. King has another of her pieces on animal cognition. I very much enjoy these, even when I fundamentally disagree…like today. The post is …

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