Obama gaining in key states, especially among singles

Several polls showing President Obama leading nationally and gaining in key battleground states emerged this week. One of the most surprising cross tabbed married vs single voters:

HuffPo — Obama’s edge comes largely among unmarried voters, the poll found. He leads Romney 54 percent to 34 percent among the single voters polled, while Romney has a 51 to 38 advantage among married voters.

That’s a hell of a difference. It’s probably partly due to the age gap, younger voters are less likely to be married, and partly due to the gender gap, the GOP’s jihad against birth control and equal pay. But it’s still hard to believe Obama leads among singles over Romney by quite that much. Maybe we’ll get more polls along the same lines to settle it.

In other polling news, hitting Romney over his Bain reign and stonewalling over his offshore holdings seems to be paying off in key states:

CNN— Three quarters of those battleground state voters who say a political ad has shifted their opinion in the presidential race say they now support Obama and 16% say they are leaning towards Romney, according to the USA Today/Gallup Poll released Monday.

Priorities has committed at least $10 million on ads airing in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Those ads include one which charges Romney profited heavily when companies owned by his financial firm went bankrupt.

The Romney camp will strike back sooner or later. They really have to, or they run the risk of being defined by their opponents and that’s always a bad idea. What that response will consist of and how effective it might be remains to be seen.

They need to release detailed info about Romney’s offshore bidness. That window is wide open, for now, but it will start to close late next month if they don’t start delivering. Really, now is the time to open up about any activity, absent full-blown scandal, no matter how big of a deal it is. There’s plenty of time for it to blow over and become old news before non political junkies start paying closer attention. The longer they delay the more it looks like they’re hiding something dark and juicy.


  1. Hank Fox says

    Talking about Romney’s meager release of one year of his tax returns, I thought Biden had a clincher of an argument in speaking to the Latino demographic a day or so ago:

    “He wants you to show your papers but he won’t show his.”

  2. Paul Neubauer says

    What that response will consist of and how effective it might be remains to be seen.

    The latest attempt appears to be something like:

    Apparantly I’m supposed to be more angry over what Romney did with his money than what Obama did with mine.

    This was noted on Dispatches the other day and then yesterday I heard the same thing on NPR on a story about Romney’s “Town Meeting” in Colorado, where a version of it was “asked” by an obvious shill in the audience.


  3. says

    After reading this entry, I wonder where the free thought is? You obviously have a conclusion before any “free thought” is penned. Obama sucks, Romney sucks, but only one will get my vote. All far left and far right individuals are sell outs and cannot think for themselves.

  4. says

    I wonder if you’re mistaking “free thought” for some sort of idealistic neutrality where clearly nonsensical and/or debunked claims are on par with those backed by empirical facts and reasonable inference?

    If you have a case for why someone should vote for Romney over Obama, or not vote for either one, by all means, make it.

  5. says

    I can’t help wondering if the religious right are more likely to be married, all other things being equal? I am cohabitating with a man i love very much in a relationship that looks a lot like a marriage but isn’t because we haven’t made that decision yet. If i were still very religious as i used to be i would not be “living in sin” and would be a conservative. I would be celibate or married (i was always good at rule following). And even those religious people i know who do live or sleep together before marriage seem to feel more pressure to get married and legitimize the relationship.

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