John McCain thinks we should be magnanimous with the Teaparty

I’m not crazy abut McCain, but I don’t hold the man in contempt like I do his Teaparty cohorts. His former campaign manager, Steve Irwin Schmidt who you often see on MSNBC, is about the best GOP contributor on any cable news outlet in my opinion. It’s good to have a sane Senator like McCain and it’s great to hear from an honest GOP strategist like Schmidt. That being said, what reason is there to be magnanimous to people who ran on disinformation and racist hatred, who campaigned on shutting down the government, then shut down the government and found it was terribly unpopular, and who are now doing their level best to blame the shutdown on Democrats while calling us traitors and terrorists along the way?


  1. says

    Do you mean Steve Schmidt (I think that’s his name)? Steve Irwin’s the guy who’s not messing around with stingrays anymore.

    I agree, though. Even if Obama pulls out an obvious win on this one, the Tea Party will not lose with grace. Being magnanimous will only embolden them because they have no sense of shame.

  2. unbound says

    He probably wants everyone to give the Tea Party a break because he knows the mainstream Republicans were highly complicit in the event. Check out this video where Eric Cantor and crew inserted a rule change to make sure he (or one of his lieutenants) is the only one that could bring a vote post 10/1/13 on a clean budget –

    The reality is that the Republicans thought they’d get a nice poll bump with this stunt, and now that it has turned into a PR disaster for them, they are back-pedaling in a chaotic mess. Some are blaming Tea Party to save their own skins, while others (like McCain) are taking the longer view and understand that it is getting easier to tie the groups together.

  3. says

    Yeah Schmidt, thanks. I wouldn’t have a problem if by magnanimous they mean a deal where both sides get something. But of course what McCain means is a one-sided deal where popular programs get cut and then the GOP runs against dems for cutting them in 2014. Fuck em, why we should we do that?

  4. anubisprime says

    Anyone that thinks Palin would have made a preferable vice president then any of the other denizens of Republican bizzaro world…is not exactly a rational being and sanity is not one on the first traits that springs to mind…and if that is one of the best senators the GOP can offer then it would appear that they are in deep tar pit territory!

  5. busterggi says

    We are being magnanimous with the TP, we’re letting them live – they would not do the same for us if power were reversed.

  6. Randomfactor says

    Jefferson said the Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of clueless idiots who don’t know why they’re angry.

    Why should we stand between the teabaggers and evolutionary pressure?

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