Guns don’t kill people, VIDEO GAMES kill people!

I finally turn on the TV and guess what? The same people who were aiding and abetting heavily armed Teaparty lunatics raving about Obama taking away their guns for the last three years are now scolding that lazy, shiftless Obama for never so much as lifting a finger to take away anyone’s guns (WHERE have you BEEN Mr President!?). It’s like the media matrix has the memory of five-day old puppy.

But until an unusually supple wingnut playing rightwing twister figures out how to start in Connecticut, step all over blame, and end up pointing both fingers at the black guy, the NRA-GOP nexus of evil may have to settle for an interim scapegoat for the tragedy with — surprise surprise! — an extra credit slightly more subtle overtone of brown people. Take it away John Cole! [Read more…]

Diablo III game settings tips

If you troll through the video game forums like I do, you find players saying they are having terrible lag, screen display issues, and other latency and graphics problems with Diablo III. Some of these are unavoidable: artifacts of millions of poeple trying to play the game at the same time. But there are some things you can improve. Below are some game-settings tips straight from some pro level video gamer friends of mine. [Read more…]