Guns don’t kill people, VIDEO GAMES kill people!

I finally turn on the TV and guess what? The same people who were aiding and abetting heavily armed Teaparty lunatics raving about Obama taking away their guns for the last three years are now scolding that lazy, shiftless Obama for never so much as lifting a finger to take away anyone’s guns (WHERE have you BEEN Mr President!?). It’s like the media matrix has the memory of five-day old puppy.

But until an unusually supple wingnut playing rightwing twister figures out how to start in Connecticut, step all over blame, and end up pointing both fingers at the black guy, the NRA-GOP nexus of evil may have to settle for an interim scapegoat for the tragedy with — surprise surprise! — an extra credit slightly more subtle overtone of brown people. Take it away John Cole!

BTW- the Bushmaster rifle used to execute 26 kids and teachers was purchased in 2010. GTA’s last release was in 2008. But somehow, it was the 5 year old game and not the easy access to the weapon responsible for the massacre. And oh, yeah, the other diversion is mental illness. Sure, we should do something about mental illness, and most of the people that will now spend the next few weeks covering for the NRA screaming “DO SOMETHING ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS” are also the same people wanting to gut Medicare and Medicaid. 

I guess we should all just be happy that Lanza didn’t use an automatic crossbow like Van Helsing, because then we’d be blaming Demon Hunters in Diablo III and hunters in WoW and Blizzard would be in a world of shit. Bushmaster would be fine, because weapon sales are once again going through the roof, as they always do after every massacre. Because, in the Idiocracy, more weapons = more betterer!

I myself didn’t grow up playing modern video games. As a young kid I grew up watching various anthropomorphic animals cooking up ever more thoughtful ways to burn, explode, run over, push off a cliff, cast in cement, and drop solid steel anvils on other character’s heads from the top of a skyscraper. I couldn’t actually find a company called AKME, so from time to time I tried to cobble together my booby traps and rocket skates. IOW Looney Tunes. But I only wanted to actually drop an anvil on someone’s head a few times in my entire life, and I only thought about doing it for real once


  1. busterggi says

    Yep, its all the fault of video games – now.

    It used to be the fault of violent movies (’70’s thru early ’90’s), violent television (late ’50’s thro ’70’s), violent comic books (’40’s through ”50’s), violent radio shows (late ’30’s thru early ’40’s), violent pulp magazines (’10’s through ’30’s) and violent dime novels (1890’s through ’10s).

  2. fastlane says

    You forgot heavy metal and D&D….never guns though, and it most assuredly could never, every be the near constant demonization, dehumanizing, and othering that the right wing noise machine is so good at. No. Not that.

  3. bcmystery says

    The Iliad caused the Punic Wars. Fact.

    Also, the fall of the Roman Republic was caused by wine, sex, and the public games. Just ask Cato the Younger. He’ll tell you ALL about it.

  4. otrame says

    Hmmm. I think I’ll go sign on to Guild Wars 2 and kill a whole bunch of imaginary stuff because it’s a little too chilly to go start on the major winter weeding of my big flower bed I was planning for today and I’ll have to settle for slaughtering pretend life forms.

  5. wilsim says

    We don’t let our children (6 and 3) watch Looney Tunes, or other violent cartoons, at all.

    Yes we know our children are entirely capable of telling the difference between cartoon and reality, we just do not like all of the unnecessary violence in those cartoons.

    You forgot to mention how D&D, Rock’n’Roll, and especially Heavy Metal are also 100% directly and clearly responsible for all the killings since the early 70’s.

  6. comfychair says

    I was at the local gun-o-rama supermegamart today and it was absolutely packed, parking lot overflowing to the point it was blocking traffic in the street, standing room only style inside. Full to the rafters with big dumb rednecks talking about how Obama set up this whole school shooting thing just so he’d have an excuse to send in the U.N. to take away their Freedumbs.

    So, in response to a bunch of 7 year olds being executed, they are buying up all the guns they can get their fat stumpy little hands on.

    These people are sick, no other explanation for what they’re doing. Sick.

  7. jacobfromlost says

    Just think of how often “Oedipus Rex” must be read in the south. It’s the only explanation I can see for all those…indiscretions.

  8. F [disappearing] says

    Everything but guns kills people. Guns started life c. 4GYA, and they are where babies come from today.

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