Teaparty hands electoral victory to progressives

Many autopsies will now be written, but they should all point to a single cause of death: The GOP lost 2012 because of the extremist Tea Party and fanatical relegious elements that have hijacked the Republican Party. Mittens had to go way wide right to win the primary and he never really recovered. Gay bashing, Latino bashing, the War on Women, etc., ad nauseum, did the rest (Conservatives are already hard at work trying to unlearn that stark lesson). That alarming background noise not only preserved Obama’s second term, he’ll win the popular vote and may bag Florida. That would give the President another 29 electoral votes for a total of 332 to Romney’s 206.  A second term, together with getting out of Iraq, the death of Osama bin Laden, an inevitable recovery and the prospect of peace and prosperity, virtually guarantees Obama will go down in history as one of the most successful Presidents. But Obama’s good fortune isn’t the only good news, several tea party faves got their asses righteously kicked.

Starting with challenger Tammy Duckworth in Illinois’ 8th Congressional District. She faced off against crazy Joe Walsh, one of the most odious tea party candidates. Walsh at one point claimed Duckworth, who lost both her legs and some function in one arm piloting a Blackhawk in Iraq, was slurring the troops. Walsh stayed true to his asshole-ish form to the end.

The teaparty really fucked the GOP in the Senate. Professor Elizabeth Warren handily beat incumbant Scott Brown and picked up a senate seat for the dems. Tammy Baldwin (WI) also prevailed in her race, making her the first openly gay American to serve in the US Senate. In Montana, incumbant Jon Testor leads his Republican challenger in a race too close to call. Most deliciously, incumbant Sen Claire McCaskill destroyed Todd Legit Rape Atkin and democrat Joe Donnelly defated Richard Rape-is-God’s-Will Mourdock for an open Senate seat in Indiana.

It’s been a long, long night. Workout Girl and I now head off to slumberland where we will dream of a nation at peace, with healthcare and equal rights for all.


  1. hexidecima says

    next up: Tea party claims that awful Mormon and Roman Catholic “tricked” them into voting for them, and it wasn’t their fault at all.

  2. campbell says

    Sadly, though, chief teabag wingnut Michele Bachmann out-spent her opponent 12-1 (I think) and retains her seat in the House, from where she’ll get to continue her “Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the State Department cuz I found a guy with an Islamic-sounding name working there” silliness and other inanities. At least she’ll be a little more lonely, given other important Tea Party losses.

  3. says

    A lot of Americans realized that we had somehow elected a bunch people in 2010 who were not only batshit crazy, but truly awful humans beings. Seeing West and Walsh go down was almost as sweet as seeing Romney concede. Still with Bachmann and Steve King both returning, there will be plenty of crazy in Washington over the next two years.

  4. Randomfactor says

    Nonsense. It was a good plan, and it would’ve worked, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids Chris Christie.

  5. tubi says

    I live in MN6. Voted for Jim Graves. While I am disappointed in that result, given how everything else turned out, including the defeat of the two reprehensible amendment questions here in Minnesota, I liken it to having gone to a nice restaurant, enjoyed a good meal, then ordered a hot fudge sundae but they forgot to put the cherry on top.

    Also, all of the outside/PAC money that was spent to support Bachmann wasn’t spent on other races that may otherwise have gone red. I am willing to sacrifice my district for the good of the nation. You’re welcome.

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