Victory by sex!

OK … the header could be interpreted as misleading, but it’s literally true!  CNN posted this detailed exit poll that breaks down last night’s victory by age, sex, etc. Looking at the graphic above it’s real clear the changing demographic favors democrats, in large part because raging hatred of el brown or teh gay is now a certified GOP gang sign. I don’t know how they get around that in the future, but watching them try is going to be real fucking entertaining. Speaking of which, mmmhmm, Donald Trump, oh yes, yummy tasty tears of unfathomable sadness!


  1. KDinUT says

    The other positive is that the two age groups at the top are about 1/3 “nones” in the latest Pew religiosity survey . . . being in the next to the last of those age groups, at least there’s some hope for the future.

  2. thebookofdave says

    The breakdown by age group suggests rMoney is washed up for good, unless Obamacare can sustain his core voter base another four years. BTW, why is it taking so long to set up those death panels?

  3. Crudely Wrott says

    Nice coverage, DarkSyde. Kudos.

    The overnight coverage on teh cables and teh netwerks was a lot of fun.

    One of the best moments was Karl Rove’s denial of reality on Faux News.

    Scroll down a way for an object lesson in denial and angst. Priceless as well as illuminating. The Republican mind at max revs, fixing to throw a rod.

  4. magistramarla says

    This is what I posted on my facebook last night:
    Since I live in California, I am able to go to bed early and sleep peacefully tonight knowing that President Obama remains as President of the US. I want to thank the voters of the swing states for this.
    As a disabled person, I’m thankful for this for the sake of all of my disabled friends who desperately need Obamacare for their healthcare.
    As a mother and a grandmother, I’m thankful that for my daughters and my grand-daughter, their health choices will remain just that – their own choices.
    As the wife and mother of veterans, I’m happy, since President Obama has shown his support for veterans. I’m also thankful that my teen-aged grandson will not be likely to be drawn into serving in yet another GOP Middle East war.
    As a middle-aged person, I’m thankful, since I do not want my Medicare or my Social Security voucherized. Now we feel more comfortable about our retirement.
    As a retired educator, I’m pleased. I feel that the President will do more to help to make sure that we improve public education, rather than using vouchers to make education unequal and unfair.
    For my many former students and friends who qualify for the DREAM Act, I’m delighted. Now we can hope for success for you.
    For my dear friends in the LGBT community, I’m joyful. Now they will not have to worry about DADT or DOMA coming back, and now we can hope for marriage equality on a Federal level in the near future.
    For the sake of our environment, I’m happy. I’ve always been an environmentalist. I think that now the President can acknowledge that we need to tackle climate change and do something about it now.
    For those who think that the GOP would be better for the economy, I feel that our economy has slowly, but surely been getting better. If this country can work together and begin to progress, it can get even better.
    For many reasons, congratulations to President Obama and VP Biden.

  5. sumdum says

    Yeah that surprised me too. Have they not heard any of the rape comments, don’t they know the GOP thinks their place is in the kitchen making them a sandwich ?

  6. tubi says

    Regarding white women who voted for Romney, I got into an exchange yesterday afternoon on Facebook about abortion with a very conservative white female friend. She and I have been haranguing each other for years, really, about these issues. I finally told her I couldn’t take the spin any more and explained:

    The GOP wants control of your body. If you are willing to cede it, then go, be happy. The reason you can’t see a problem with this is because you would make the same decisions about your body that Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock would make. You are not giving anything up, or being asked to do something that doesn’t comport with your values. But different people have different values.

    She replied with some blather about how her values are God’s values and if something is abhorrent to Him then it is to her as well. I told her that until she can prove God exists she doesn’t get to impose what she thinks He wants on everyone else.

    Then she defriended me.

  7. F says

    @ ema

    I know far too many of them. I didn’t entirely expect them to be majorities, though. Maybe most are quietly stupid.

  8. ema says

    She replied with some blather about how her values are God’s values and if something is abhorrent to Him then it is to her as well.

    I bet your friend is quite clear on why she shouldn’t vote for a candidate who’d use the power of the State to force her to live her life according to some random stranger’s god/gods.

  9. Christoph Burschka says

    How about 55% of White women for Romney. Who are these people?

    If people didn’t subscribe to worldviews that inherently oppress them, religion would have ceased to be a problem long ago…

  10. citpeks says

    “I don’t know how they get around that in the future, but watching them try is going to be real fucking entertaining.”

    An interesting test of this will be watching how this congress reacts when Puerto Rico applies for statehood. Will they cater to their xenophobic uber-right base or realize what damage that would do for them in the next election among latino voters and anyone with any sense of decency, or will they do what we are all pretty sure they will do and make a big racist stink?

  11. mildlymagnificent says

    The women? I remember similar arguments back in the 70s about women being oppressed, or at least restricted, by their own views about marriage and family. I felt that there was little point in attacking these women directly ….. because many of them would feel that, if they agreed with our point, they would have to acknowledge that some of their husbands weren’t all that wonderful. Even worse, they could feel that if they accepted any of the standard criticisms about marriage-as-dictated-by-convention they might have to acknowledge that they’d devoted their whole lives to something that really wasn’t worth what it had cost them.

    As for much older married women. Remember the old adage that if you live with people you will grow like them. That does happen. If they’ve always conceded or acceded to their husbands and other male family members opinions, then they’d hold those views quite strongly.


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