Hannity show identifies “real” victim of domestic abuse: Ray Rice!

You might think the victim of Ray Rice’s rage was the 100 and nothing pound woman the NFL player cold-cocked with every steroid enhanced muscle at his disposal, before quickly dragging her unconscious body out of sight. But a guest on Hannity’s radio show identified the real victim of domestic abuse: Ray Rice!

TPM — Some might even say watching that video that Ray Rice is the bigger victim of domestic violence here,” Delgado told Hannity. She said Janay Rice, who married the football star even after the incident, is being erroneously cast as the victim.

“I think that the key here is she doesn’t consider herself a victim of domestic violence,” Delgado said, before going off about the “liberal culture of domestic violence advocates that keeps talking about women’s rights and empowering women.”

Sooooo, he was the real victim and the guilty parties include the ‘liberal culture of domestic violence’. In other wingnut news, slavery wasn’t really that bad.  And while we’re correcting erroneous urban myths, Nazi concentration camps totally got a bad rap in the press …

Just imagine if Rice’s victim had been a young, gorgeous white girl. Two powerful wings of the asshole party with a non-empty intersection might have seized up and turned on each other as they competed to force feed their own media victims rival, hateful memes to shamelessly exploit the greatest mileage out of the deadly assault.


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