The system that FTB built: One case to house it all


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Over the long holiday weekend the collective “we” talked about building a PC for moi. Possibly using Linux and probably around this CPU and this MoBo. It’s kinda fun to scrounge around online or at the local junk store for other parts, it fondles my badly atrophied consumer conditioned reflex. But, if anyone happens to have a suitable case or power supply laying around that will work, let me know, maybe it’s cheaper to pay you for shipping than to get one. What do you get out of it? Why the sublime satisfaction that many pissed-off, progressive, science-y atheist rants reaching thousands and thousands of people here and elsewhere will be written on that very device.

I also found an old-ish chip card, 256MB DDR 400 MHZ Promos stick, like this, for a buck at a local parts bin. Will it have any use? I have to ask because you meddling kids with your RAM chips and your eight track tape players confuse and frighten me …




  1. John Horstman says

    That motherboard runs DDR3; the RAM is incompatible. I may actually have a complete, decommissioned system I could give you if you don’t need something at all up to date. Alternately, I can scavenge parts, including, in all likelihood, a power supply in good working order (I’ve had to increase the power capacity a couple times over the last few upgrade cycles to provide enough juice for multiple graphics cards, so I’ve had some PSUs that have been retired not due to breaking). I’ll have to check when I get home – I’m setting a reminder alarm for myself – to see what I still have and what I’ve managed to give away. I have a couple cases that are not too badly beat-up, though given the weight, you can quite probably find something cheaper (thanks to free shipping for some items) on NewEgg or in a local store. I have some parts, though I recently recycled most of my parts older than four years, as their potential utility was rapidly waning; I’ll perform a quick inventory tonight.

  2. Olav says


    Will it have any use?

    No. Look at the specs. The motherboard wants 240 pin modules. Your module is of the 184 pin format.

    I would keep it though. You never know when or where you might find an older computer that you can still upgrade with it.

    Your choice of CPU and motherboard seems OK if you can get them cheap. But with those and a recent Linux distro you will need at least 1 GB RAM, which is pathetic, or 2 GB which would get you by, or 4 GB which is probably ideal nowadays for a budget computer. It would make for better multitasking if you are using somewhat “heavy” applications.

  3. kingoftoasty says

    Your RAM is incompatible. For the MOBO you posted, you will need some 240 pin DDR3 SD-RAM with a speed of between 1066 and 1333 MHz. You can go with 1600 or 1866 Mhz DDR3 RAM, but I think (don’t quote me on this) an AMD AM3+ Board only supports RAM of those speeds via an overclock, which probably isn’t advisable for someone new to the game.

  4. M can help you with that. says

    Wait…I think I can help! I may have next to 0 in terms of liquid funds, but I have computer parts gathering dust! RAM, power supply, case…hell, I even have a MB and CPU that should still be functional and more than capable of the usual text/web/etc. functions. How would someone go about arranging an in-kind donation to help keep this blog running? The case might be ridiculously expensive to ship, but RAM is tiny and even power supplies are reasonably compact.

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