The holiday season is upon us!

By the right of no power invested in me by anyone, I declare this holiday season officially open (And the EAC war on Christmas about to commence). It certainly feels festive: it’s so cold in Central Texas that even the Intertoobz are sluggish and few will venture outside unless and until they have to. It’s been a tough year, beginning with a freak heart attack, an elevator ride into healthcare poverty, a big complication from surgery, then the underlying blood disorder found in the midst of a cancer scare while being threatened with my job and health insurance by the usual corporate brutes. Then to add insult to injury, last night Family Guy killed off … we’ll I don’t want to spoil it but they need to bring that character back toot suite.

But thanks to you guys and gals at FTB, this blog has been a sorely needed bright spot for me without which I would be in even more dire shape. Thanks and happy holidays to friends, trolls, and frenemies alike!


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    Thank you Marla, I hope your holiday is great. Thanks to readers I’m sitting here in a warm apartment watching Disc science specials, playing some WoW, and eating healthy tasty food. Life could be worse

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    I’m dreaming of a real solstice
    Just like the Druids used to know.
    It would be so pleasing
    To stand there freezing
    At Stonehenge, in the sleet and snow.

    I’m dreaming of a real solstice
    With no eclectic modern feel.
    If your blade is silver, not steel
    Then may all your solstices be real.

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