The end times are nigh and the Jews will sell us out


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Update: Why the fuck did I think this guy was Catholic?

John Hagee, a man who is inexplicably in a position of respect and authority in the eyes of millions of Catholics, may be feeling the heat of the new Pope’s focus on the Gospels and the Pontiff’s lesser concern for Hagee’s revolting brand of wingnut politics disguised as religion. So it’s time to stir the hornet’s nest, do a little scapegoating, and who better to give the Holy finger to than Jews?

RW Watch — Trinity Broadcasting Network hosted a Praise The Lord prophecy special this month, featuring a number of speakers including televangelist John Hagee. The right-wing pastor explained that during the End Times, the Jewish people will not accept Jesus as the Messiah until he returns “because they have just— three-and-a-half years or seven-years before — made a deal with the Antichrist, who is the false messiah, and they are extremely skeptical of that.”

David Reagan, another Christian Zionist preacher, said the Jewish people will experience a “horrible holocaust” and the vast majority will die during the End Times: “Two-thirds of them are going to die and that one-third that is left at the end is going to finally come to the end of themselves.”

Hagee also said that the September 11, 2001 attacks were “the judgment of God on our country” since America did “not obey the law of God.” Later in the program, Hagee claimed the 2008 financial crisis was divine retribution.

Just imagine the shrieking howls of outrage that would rise up from Bullshit Mountain like rabid banshees in a graveyard if Barack Obama said anything even close to that last part. RW Watch has the depressing video at he link above.

As a founding member of the EAC and someone who is struggling in this crazy new career, I for one would welcome out demonic overlords. Because we’d get to keep all the fundes stuff, which probably qualifies as socialist wealth distribution, but it’s OK when ultra-conservative Christians do it.




  1. blf says

    WTF is a “Christian Zionist preacher”?
    Is that an “interpretor” of invisible magic sky faerie droppings for some xainity cult I’ve (presumably fortunately) never heard of before?

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    blf @ # 1 – Hagee rants with equal enthusiasm about Jezus & Izrael, and how you can’t love one without the other.

    Got a better term for his school of, ahem, thought?

  3. Trebuchet says

    @1: Lots of fundies love them some Israel — actual Jews, not so much — because they see conflict there as leading to the last days and second coming. The more death and destruction in the middle east, the better, as far as they are concerned.

  4. says

    Slight correction, Stephen: Hagee is not Catholic. He’s actually one of those “non-denominational” Protestant types, and from what I can tell from his Wikipedia page, he would probably be super-offended to be mistaken for a Catholic (and Catholics, presumably, would be equally offended to be mistakenly associated with him). Mind you, I’m all in favor of offending those sorts of folks, but it seems important to keep the various flavors of wingnuttery straight. :D

  5. jakc says

    no catholic priest here – john is so down with Republican family values that he is on his second family

    and in the past, JH has said that the jews are getting to heaven wiithout conversion, angering many of his fundie allies. not sure how these new revelations tie in with the old ones. no doubt, the prophecy is explained in a book or dvd available for a love donation.


  6. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    David Reagan, another Christian Zionist preacher, said the Jewish people will experience a “horrible holocaust” and the vast majority will die during the End Times.

    What? As opposed to all those earlier, much nicer Holocausts?*

    All the pogroms and persecutions and expulsions from various countries that the Jewish people endured throughout the millennia culminating in the Shoah. All that and now they think – even hope? – that God Himself (& tis always “Him” to them) will ensure two thirds of all Jews get slaughtered.

    Because its predicted in their Holy book or misinterpretations thereof. Which would make it okay to them supposedly because of some rubbish about an anti-Christ figure and a political deal?

    What happened to the idea of “Never Again” eh?

    * Someone on another blog discussing this pointed out that the Holocaust is simply called The Holocaust because by definition its so horrible.

  7. says

    Update: Why the fuck did I think this guy was Catholic?

    It’s an easy mistake to make when the entire Church hierarchy and a non-negligible percentage of the laity are working very hard to make “Catholic” synonymous with “asshole” — it becomes hard to remember that there are also other kinds of asshole. :D

  8. blf says

    I’m well aware of this “end times” garbage (albeit probably vague on the details), but don’t recall ever seeing it referred-to as “christian zionist” before. THANKS for explaining.

  9. otrame says

    Hagee pushes a “be nice to Israel because that will hasten the end times” theology that many somewhat cynical Israelis love to support. They get money from Christian Americans and they don’t care that the donors are convinced that the money will make the ultimate destruction of the Jews that must faster.

    Hagee is a liar, a hatemonger, and a monumentally awful human being. I am sorry to say his church is about 5 miles from my house.

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