Off to the MRI machine


To get checked for lymphoma and a bunch of other nasty shit. Which I probably don’t have, could possibly have, but if I do I’m told it’s highly treatable. See you soon godless heathens! But I look pretty damn healthy for 51 years-old, eh?



  1. magistramarla says

    Good luck!
    Aren’t autoimmune issues fun? Once we know that we have one, we have to watch out for others, since they like to bring their friends along to play!

  2. yellowsubmarine says

    Waaaaaait a minute! I must have missed something. Why are you being suddenly tested for lymphoma O_O?

  3. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    Dang, you’ve got twenty years on me, and you’re in much better shape, I gotta lay off the junk food. Here’s hoping the tests come back clear!

  4. tyro says

    I’m ten years younger, I just finished my tenth ultramarathon and I don’t look that good. Damn.

    You’re right, the abs maketh the man.

  5. magistramarla says

    See my comment @2. I know that Stephen has at least one autoimmune disease. Once you have a diagnosis of one, others can join the party, so it’s great to have docs who will keep a close eye on that.

    I have Sjogren’s syndrome, RA, some signs of Lupus and scalp psoriasis – all AI diseases.
    I also get lots of skin sores when it’s hot & humid and/or I’m stressed. One doc called it lymphomatoid papulosis, which can sometimes morph into lymphoma. I’m supposed to be checked out for it once or twice a year, but since I’ve lately been told by docs that all of my symptoms are the result of me being a hypochondriac (they don’t want to believe a woman), I haven’t had a check-up for lymphoma since 1999.

    Stephen is lucky that he’s able to stay at least somewhat on top of this. Don’t worry – as he said, lymphoma is highly unlikely, but it’s good to check if you have AI issues.

  6. miles says

    Come over to my apartment complex please – I need to do laundry and you’ve got a washboard. That’ll save me 4 quarters in the machine.

  7. says

    There’s genetics involved, always had a decent of abs, but they went away when I was overweight. But after the heart attack I finally lost most of it … plus a simple abs workout twice a week, two sets of ~250 sit ups as fast as I can, or as close as I can get to 250 until total muscular failure on the second set, then two sets of leg raises wearing a big heavy wakeboard on my feet, to total failure, then I take it off after the second one and do one really sick burner set until I cannot sit back up unassisted for a minute or two. Its working. But if those last persistent ten pounds could be lost, the abs would really pop. Those last freakin few pounds hang on for dear life, is it kinda twisted or just a positive attitude that I was thinking chemo would help me at least burn em out finally?

  8. Olav says


    Those last freakin few pounds hang on for dear life,

    Keep them. They are a part of you.

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