Revisionism & wishful thinking backfires on Teaparty

Anyone who has gotten into a discussion with someone whose basic premise is facts don’t count understands the frustration of dealing with today’s cult-like conservative movement. But that has a downside: Teaparty conservatives are barreling toward party suicide utterly unaware of the danger, indeed convinced, that what they’re doing is politically safe for their party because its wildly popular across the nation.


  1. says

    Over 90 percent of Republicans who call themselves Tea Party members will be re-elected easily in 2014.

    As much as we would like to think otherwise, they are in extremely safe districts. This is also why Congress continues to re-elect incumbents at the rate of 90 percent, even as their poll numbers as a whole is at an anemic 10 percent.

    This is also why they do this, they know how these things work.

  2. cassmorrison says

    Do they care that they are damaging the US reputation in a global economy? Or is isolationism and creating a theocracy really their primary intent.

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    We want those clowns to be reelected. Those districts are going to vote for repubs anyway. Repubs are going to side with other repubs most of the time anyway. If they elect teaparty clowns, we have the added bonus of being able to pit the nation and part of the GOP against extremists.

    Cass — hurting the economy is a feature, not a bug. It serves a duel purpose for these clowns, slowing the recovery keeping the electorate frustrated while punishing the nation collectively for the sin of reelecting Obama.

  4. says

    Here’s the thing Stephen. You want these clowns to be re-elected so that you can associate more of the GOP with these folks and marginalize them. There is a certain amount of guilty pleasure that I share in that.

    But what you will get is what you have: more of the Democrats siding with the “mainstream/not supposedly extreme” Republicans, and moving the country farther right.

    Yes, you’ll occasionally get rid of an Allen West, but just look at the current impasse. The shutdown occurred because there was a CR which included defunding/crippling Obamacare.

    Strip that provision, and you have what they call a clean CR.

    Here’s what the clean CR looks like.

    Yes, you are reading that right. The clean CR voted on by the fightin’ Democrats against the extreme wingnuts implements the Ryan budget. Obamacare was not the only issue in 2012. Ryan’s budget was too.

    It is dangerous that we have wingnuts like the Gohmerts. What is more dangerous is the unhealthy focus on these wingnuts is allowing “the good guys” to capitulate. The pressure should be on the “good guys” to demand more of what they were elected for, not fight to keep what they do not even have to fight for since it is already the law. Fighting to keep your victories is a bad sign.

    After all, what exactly are they fighting over? That Obamacare, which is already law, is not reversed?

    Soon you’ll have Obama calling a beer summit at the end of which a compromise will be announced.

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