Healthcare sites are BOOMING

Yosemite Valley is quiet, NOAA is down, NASA is furloughed and it reaches all the way to Mars, where Curiosity has been put in indefinite sleep mode, and WW II vets have had to bust down the barriers to enter a memorial, all thanks to the Republican shutdown. But the healthcare sites are open for business and BOOMING. We knew it would be big, but I’m told it’s huge. Here’s a few numbers I’ve seen bouncing around. The New York HIX, called the NYStateofHealth, has logged well over two million hits in the first few hours. Similar numbers are expected for large states like California which just opened their HIX, Covered California, a few mins ago.

Word is the main site,, has now recorded more than one million unique IP hits and that was an hour ago when it was lagging and serving up a DOS splash screen. To put that in perspective, it’s more people on that one site than have ever been on all at once since the site opened.

This is obviously a giant failure of the free market …


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … WW II vets have had to bust down the barriers …

    It seems a Representative from their home state – a Repub, almost certainly a teabagger who collaborated on the shutdown – opened the barricades.

  2. smhll says

    I had friends camping in Yosemite last week. Wondering whether they kicked people out at midnight last night, or early this morning, or what…?

  3. yellowsubmarine says

    I can’t believe they actually let the shutdown happen. Those arrogant ignorant privileged JACKASSES!!!!! Please please please please let people actually remember this the next time we’re voting in congressmen -_-. I don’t want to see a revolution in my lifetime, but jeez…. when the wealthy superminority can hold the country hostage, it’s not looking good.


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