Texas Republican admitted goal is to outlaw birth control

Just in case there was any doubt, eliminating birth control and women’s health services has always been the goal of conservative fundamentalists. As Texas Republicans have fought to limit women’s access to abortion, they’ve offered staggering ignorance, in the form of state Sen. Bob Deuell’s contention that only “accurate intercourse” causes pregnancy and state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg’s belief that rape kits are “where a woman can get cleaned out.” This is happening in Texas and all over the nation, where ever conservatives have gained power. These clowns are pure, unashamed, evil dominionist creeps.


  1. maddog1129 says

    Then there is no secular purpose to these laws and regulations. The US Constitution protects the right to abortion. The states should not be able to do indirectly what they cannot do directly. The sham should be seen for what it is: a pretextual sham.

  2. piegasm says

    So…what does inaccurate intercourse look like? I’m picturing a woman lying on an inflatable pool lounge in front of a man at the edge of the pool preparing to sort of belly flop at her and hope for the best.

  3. unbound says

    No doubts about their intent. Some doubts about whether they can pull it off…although many days it seems more and more likely that they’ll get their way. Still amazed that the masses can’t separate what the rethuglicans say from what they actually do.

  4. peterh says

    So much industrial-grade, nay weapons-grade, stupidity and yet the madness cannot be seen for its own ugly self?

  5. thebookofdave says

    No, @piegasm! He’s talking about going in sideways. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried it as a contraceptive technique.

  6. Skip White says

    So can we ban pills for erectile dysfunction, too? Because I’m seriously tired of all the weird “guy by himself in the middle of nowhere” Viagra commercials that run 500 times during a baseball game.

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