Atheist op-ed

Found this on a local South African news site. It’s an op-ed on the user-generated section titled A study of Atheism – Untwisting the knickers. I’ve seen worse. Long excerpt below:

Link — Are atheists then Satanists? After all, they reject the notion of the God of Abraham, therefore they must be Satanists, right? Wrong – you were not paying attention. Atheists reject the notion of ALL gods/God – this includes Satan/Lucifer/Baal and whoever else you might care to throw in the mix.

Right, so what about babies? They do not believe in any gods/God, do they? No, they do not, or at least not until they are taught to believe in gods/God. Does this mean they are atheists? No, it does not – to be an atheist one must reject the notion of gods/Gods, and the only thing I have seen a baby reject is a feed – usually all over one’s shoulder. I am not permitted to say that babies are irreligious – I got well and truly chastised last time I said that – so I will try for “babies are non-religious”, and hope I am not soundly rebuked for using that term.

OK, so God/gods are out – but they must believe in something, surely? It must be Science! No – wrong again. For starters, one does not “believe” in Science. One understands it, (or in my case, tries to understand it), accepts it – but never does one BELIEVE in Science. In any event, neither Science, nor any of the great Scientists, are or were gods. Nothing whatsoever to do with atheism. It is simply Science. Some atheists are into Science, some are not. Then again, some religious folk are into Science too, so it cannot be the exclusive property of the atheists, can it now?


  1. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Found this on a local South African news site.

    You are South African? That’s news to me!

    Not that it matters.

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