Tricksey Obama fueled and lit GOP civil war

You gotta hand ot to Obama. Not only did he engineer his own fake bith certificate — while still in utero mind you! — now he has used the his evil liberal mind control science to make Republicans engage in intra-party civil war. It’s delicious.


  1. says

    Of course he did. Didn’t you know? He’s the source of all that’s wrong with the country , what with being black, and a democrat, and President. Clearly the world is out of balance, and sanity can only be restored when we have an old white Republican there instead.

  2. slc1 says

    It should be pointed out that Krauthammer also charged in his column a week ago that Hillary Clinton was not really sick but was faking it to avoid testifying before a Congressional committee about the murder of 4 diplomats in Libya. Why the Washington Post continues to carry the column of this piece of filth is beyond me.

  3. peterh says

    Obama’s only half-black. Does that mean he’s half-evil? Or responsible for half the county’s ills? Or only half-responsible for all of them? Inquiring minds don’t want to get bogged down is such boggish buggery.

  4. comfychair says

    Party of Personal Responsibility Issues Statement, Say “It’s All The Black Guy’s Fault!”

  5. says

    Yes, re Clinton,we’re not done having fun with Mr Krauthammer this week. Watching the GOP implode for the deal they made with the devil is heartening. Thyey’ve worked themselves into a corner where their base demands they say things and pretend to believe things that identifies them as creeps or liars utter morons to the non shrinking non base. It’s enough to make someone believe in America again

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