Obama speaks, wingnuts threaten to move to … Canada

President Obama addressed the nation moments ago, swatting down several lies by Romney’s brief statement earlier. Meanwhile, from the same poor misled saps that brought us “Keep your government hands off Medicare!” comes a new howler, demonstrating the real world consequences of complete ignorance.

On the heels of the SCOTUS decision, some angry conservatives are threatening to move to Canada. Presumably to escape socialized medicine. If you’re not sure why that’s hilarious, in the words of George Bush sr., just ask a Canadian … and we have a few Canadians responding below!

Healthcare is upheld, Chief Justice Roberts sides with White House

Presidential signature on the ACA. Click image for round up on Daily Kos. Obama and Romney scheduled to address the nation within the hour.

The Affordable Care Act was upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court today. Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed by President George Bush, provided the key swing vote. Want to know more? The live coverage at SCOTUS Blog is just superb. The actual decision is complicated, but everyone I’ve heard from so far is calling it a huge win for the White House: [Read more…]

Healthcare Judgement Day: ACA & MANDATE UPHELD!


SCOTUS Blog live streaming Q & AAmy Howe: Here’s a super-short summary of the main issue in the health care case in Plain English, in a response to a question: Does it violate the Constitution for Congress to require virtually all Americans to obtain health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty? If the Court’s answer is yes, then it has to decide whether just the requirement — the so-called “individual mandate” — is invalid, or whether part or all of the rest of the health care law must go with it.

C-SPAN now streaming live video with commentary from outside the courthouse including live stream from SCOTUS blog above. Kudos to them. [Read more…]

Only the “right kind” of Christians need apply inside

We already have a de facto requirement for politicians to be religious, as in Judeo-Christian, where Mormons-sorta-count as long as they’re ultra-wealthy conservatives running against non-conservatives. An Oklahoma company has taken it one pseudo-logical step further. Not only do you have to be a Christian to work there, you better be the right kind of born-again evangelical: [Read more…]

Nothing says small government quite like …

Nothing says the gubmint should stay the hell out of the people’s business quite like the State policing uteri in vitro. And nothing says jobs jobs and more jobs quite like restricting reproductive rights. Which helps explain why small government poser and spawn of Paul, aka Rand, has a critical addition to a routine bill on flood insurance: [Read more…]