The Gay-Satanic alliance strikes!

I keep waiting for my secret invitation to televised drug fueled sex parties in the White House, but so far no luck!

(Daily Kos) — So now the satanist-in-chief has finally decided to officially commit to supporting sick perverts over actual people. No more pretense of being a “Christian” and now it’s an alliance with Satan. Sick sick deranged perverts are the preferred class of citizen in this new USA of ours. It began with the forcible injection of homosexualists in the formerly moral US military. Now it is a celebration of the sickest forms of homosexual pedophilia BY THE PRESIDENT ON NATIONAL TV! What is next? Drug-fueled sex parties in the white house in front of tv cameras? Does the president already have his own personal homosexual lover for who he buys cocaine and expensive champaine (with taxpayer money)? Will marrying raccoons become legal? Or marrying 10-year old boys (as many homosexualists arre already arguing)? AIDS was brought on us by GOD as the gay plague and it is gays who spread it. Without gays there would be almost zero drug use. Do you understand that the kind of sick diseased mind that engages in homosexuality also enagages in every other form of crime and immorality? …


  1. Stacy says

    I really think we should add legalizing marriage to raccoons to our evil agenda, fellow satanists.

  2. says

    If I am going to have the right to marry a racoon, I’m glad it can be a same sex racoon.

    Because heterosexual man on racoon sex is just plain unnatural.

  3. timberwoof says

    I don’t believe a word of it.

    People who understand politics much more clearly than I do—people who know how to be politically correct without reading a lot of different opinions on the subject—have explained to us in great detail the nuanced “dog whistle” subtext of Obama’s speech. They’ve explained that although it sounded as though he was on our side, he said something about “states’ rights” which means he’s pandering to the homophobic right wingers and fundagelicals.

    Since they all have much sharper hearing than I do (I can’t hear dog whistles, whether the little steel ones or the ones wielded by politicians) and Obama’s encoded dog-whistling was co clear, all this whining about how Obama made the wrong decision and will lead the country to immorality is just fluff to lure us off the scent. All the articles in which they’re saying that Obama really pulled the wool over us libs’ eyes and so cleverly signaled his real intent to sell out civil rights out to the states must be hidden in some secret magazine that only Republicans get.

    Either that or somebody overreacted.

  4. gratch says

    “Does the president already have his own personal homosexual lover for who he buys cocaine and expensive champaine (with taxpayer money)? ”

    Now that’s just going too far! Is he accusing the President of being a secret Republican?

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