Hot salty climate action

Didn’t think of this, but it makes sense. The warmer it gets, the more salt gets concentrated or removed depending on which way the water to vapor cycle has been trending:

(UPI) — The water cycle — the worldwide phenomenon of rainwater falling to the surface, evaporating back into the air and falling again as rain — is changing, with the wetter parts of the world getting wetter and the drier parts drier, researchers report in Science magazine.This is confirmed by the fact that saltier parts of the ocean are getting saltier and the fresher parts are getting fresher, they said.



  1. StevoR says

    I’m thinking that is the same study as this one here? :

    Excerpt :

    Climate change speeding up water cycle

    Oceanographer Dr Susan Wijffels of the CSIRO and colleagues report their findings today in the journal Science. “The models predict a 4 to 5 per cent amplification of the global water cycle per degree of warming, instead of 8 per cent,” says Wijffels.
    “It’s a significant underestimation. That’s a cause for concern.” …


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