Gingrich projected to win South Carolina

As soon as the polls closed Newt Gingrich was called the winner by most major news networks. That is all, and it’s hilarious.


  1. Ichthyic says

    I’m 47 years old.

    I can’t recall EVER seeing a presidential primary race that so much resembled the old Python “Twit of the Year” competition.

    They seem to be outdoing themselves in a race to the bottom, and I’m almost excited to see just how far they will go before bottom is actually reached!

    It indeed is a fascinating thing to watch, even if it turns ones stomach.

    It’s like watching a really bad old horror movie.

    so bad, it’s funny, and ya just can’t tear yourself away…

    pass some of that popcorn over here, will ya?

  2. StevoR says

    Hmm .. I prefer the Homer Simpson version myself!

    Here in Oz, ABC news 24 has just confirmed the result & covered the South Carolina primary incl. speeches

    Gingrich apparently by quite a way then Mittens Mr “strinkyfroth” santorum with 17% & Ron Paul on 13% of the vote.

  3. Phillip IV says

    A class president election at the Barnum & Bailey’s clown college is more dignified than this travesty of an electoral process, even with the balloon animal competition.

    So after all of the big-name Evangelical endorsements for Rick Santorum, the allegedly so socially conservative SC GOPsters still like him less than the swingin’ toadman and the flip-floppin’ heretic?

    I’m afraid Mittens is still going to make it in the end, but this result leaves some hope the Teabaggers might, after all, succeed in pushing through some unelectable wreck of a joke candidate. For the time being, I’m entertained.

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