Flash: Scott Walker recall effort scores big

From a just released bulletin — that I had to sit on for a couple of hours and wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about publicly. The recall Governor of Wisconsin, i.e., Scott Walker, seems to have scored big. About 46% of the entire Wisconsin electorate signed the recall petition, that’s huge. And where is Walker as this unfolds? He’s at an NYC fundraiser far away from his home state, begging the guy who founded the firm that crashed the economy for money so he can keep handing out gravy-laden middle-class tax-payer goodies to the pampered 0.01% who preyed on the rest of us for the last 30 years. Some stats from the recall release below the fold:


  • The number collected is 185% of the signatures required to force a recall election against Scott Walker.
  • That is 460,000 signatures above the threshold for the recall of Scott Walker.
  • This number is so large that more than 1 of every 3 signatures would need to be invalid to disqualify enough signatures to stop the recall.
  • In the unprecedented turn-out of signatures collected to recall Walker, more than 46% of the electorate signed. By contrast, in the only other two successful gubernatorial recalls in American history, almost 32% of the electorate signed in North Dakota in 1921 and 23% of the California electorate signed in 2003.
  • And this year, 32% of the electorate in Ohio signed the petition to overturn the Republicans’ union-busting SB5.
  • During the summer recalls, approximately 9% of the signatures were found to be invalid — nearly 50% of the signatures collected for Walker would need to be found invalid to stop a recall.
  • The weight of all of the signatures collected is 3000 pounds. That’s two of the heaviest Wisconsin Dairy (Holstein) Cows, or 158 of the heaviest Badgers.
  • 300,000 pages at 14″ each laid end to end is 66.3 miles. This is the distance from Green Bay to Oshkosh, La Crosse to Tomah.
  • Sent straight up it is 128 times higher than the tallest building in the world.
  • Stacked on top of one another, the petitions go 125 feet high, which is taller than the wings of the Madison Capitol Building (those are 84 feet high), but not as tall as the dome (that’s 285 feet), nearly as high as the rotunda.
  • Walker only: approx 1 million signatures at 14″ a piece is about the distance from La Crosse to Green Bay, or La Crosse to Milwaukee.
  • Everything: 1.9M signatures at 14″ a piece is roughly the distance from Minneapolis/St. Paul to the Illinois/Chicago border, going through the entire state of Wisconsin.


  1. wayneturner says

    Good for them. I wonder that the Koch brothers didn’t try some legislative move to invalidate or negate the recall, like changing the law governing recalls retroactively.

  2. DiscordianStooge says

    Republicans really don’t want this recall. They also committed election fraud earlier this year by purposely submitting false names on recall petitions in the hopes of invalidating them.

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