Praise the Lord and pass the pepper spray

For those of you lucky enough to be away from the news, and computers, I am envious. But you did good, you shopped well, incidents of pepper spray and over competitive shopping aside. In fact, online and real world sales punched out a decent Black Friday and Internet weekend or whatever you meddling kids are calling it these days.

(BBC) — Around 50 million Americans visited online retail sites on Friday, according to Comscore. It said Amazon was the most popular destination, with 50% more visitors than any other retailer. Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Apple were next in line, said the analytics company. “Despite some analysts’ predictions that the flurry of brick-and-mortar retailers opening their doors early for Black Friday would pull dollars from online retail, we still saw a banner day for e-commerce,” said Comscore’s chairman, Gian Fulgoni.

Nothing celebrates the sacred birthday of a God-disguised-as-human quite like getting a big screen TV for less than 200 dollars. You Freethinking atheist types need to get with the program and praise the Lord-eh; by visiting your nearest retailer and maxing your credit cards so that you too can own a large piece of electronics clothed in sweetly pressed plastic made by slave labor that glorious bastion of Christendom known as Red China.

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