Nothing fails like prayer

Hurricane Katia and soon-to-be tropical storm Lee

Or in this case, Texas Governor Rick Perry’s dominionist version of the ancient rain dance he performed on cue last month in Houston. You remember it, right? It was called The Response — there’s even a dedicated webpage for the fond memories — and featured the latest bat-shit crazy or devious, cunning fundamentalist grifters. They prayed to God-eh and praised the super rich. But alas, no rain followed. If the idea was to produce a drop of rain, we can now safely pronounce Perry’s Response a complete failure.

Now, weeks later, the one system that could have brought sweet drenching rain to the crumbling Texas hill country and baked coastal plains may not quite make it. Although there’s a good chance the system becomes tropical storm Lee, perhaps even hurricane Lee similar to the surprise Humberto bestowed, it is forecast to stay just slightly to the east of the crooked Houston-Austin-Dallas line. No rain soon, praise be to science!

I blame Perry (Yeah, get used to it, Rick).


  1. davidct says

    While one particular year means little, every model for weather in this part of the world predicts the trend to be hotter and dryer. In spite of this the Texas legislature voted not to make these projections part of long term state planning. Perry has now demonstrated how he plans to deal with these problems as they arise. I hope that potential voters will notice.

  2. unbound says

    Now, now. We all know that in Texas, if the rain dance didn’t work it’s because Jeebus is unhappy since they tolerate gays, don’t teach creationism as fact, {insert hate issue / hated group here}, etc.

    Perhaps if they would have performed the traditional Native American rain dance instead…


  3. Trebuchet says

    Is it wrong of me to feel a cheerful schadenfreude every time one of these states that keeps electing climate change deniers suffers a possibly AGW-related disaster? Seems to happen a lot.


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