Why does the Teaparty hate America?

Remember ‘lo these many blogs years ago, when mere second guessing of a President or a national policy was treason? My how the times have changed. Today, the greatest self-described red, white and blue patriots are positively giddy at the prospect of shutting down the US government or wounding its credit. From Mother Jones:

You’d think that was the case if you were in the crowd at a tea party rally in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, on Sunday morning. The Tea Party Express rolled into that northeastern city as part of its tour to bolster the six GOP state senators facing recall elections on Tuesday. But the most shocking moment of the event wasn’t the vitriol spouted by tea party leaders, which has dominated news of the tour stops in recent days. Instead it was the cheers that erupted when one of the Tea Party Express’ speakers described the recent downgrade as the tea party’s fault.


  1. Rambling Wreck says

    Thanks to breathtaking pseudohistory the Tea Party has convinced itself that they are the real America, engaged in a noble struggle to recapture the nation. They seem fully prepared to destroy the rest of us to save us.

    Really, they are an intellectual cancer on civilization.

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