It is about ‘fuck’.

Muslims have been hating me for criticizing Islam for more than 20 years. They say that I am an agent of Jewish, Christian or Hindu fundamentalists. They close their eyes and ears when I criticize other religions. They know very well that I say fuck Islam, I also say, fuck Christianity, fuck Judaism, fuck Jehovahs witnessism, fuck Mormonism, fuck Scientologism, fuck Voodooism, fuck Hinduism, fuck Sikhism, fuck Jainism, fuck Buddhism, fuck Zoroastrianism, fuck Bahaism, fuck Paganism, fuck gods and goddesses, fuck prophets, fuck lies, fuck superstitions.

You Muslims who ban my books and file cases against me on the charges of blasphemy and issue non-bailable arrest warrants against me, fuck you.
You Muslims who blame me for writing a book condemning persecution of minority Hindus in Bangladesh and you say that I was paid by Hindus, fuck you.
You Muslims who set price on my head, attack me physically, and prevent me from entering my country, fuck you.
You Muslims who say I am an Western agent when I protest against 9/11, or terrorist attacks in Israel or in India or in many different countries, fuck you.
You Hindus who threaten me for criticizing a bunch of charlatan Hindu goddamn god-men, fuck you.
You Hindus who threaten me when I criticize Hindu fanatics for killing Muslims in Gujarat, fuck you.
You Hindus who want to throw me of out of India because I say against hundreds of anti-women Hindu traditions that you still practice, fuck you.
You Christians who believe your religion is better than other religions and you try to kiss me because I criticize Islam, fuck you.
You Jews who hate me because I criticize Israeli attacks on Palestinians, fuck you.
You religionists who abuse me because I do not believe in your fucking god, fuck you.