It is about ‘fuck’.

Muslims have been hating me for criticizing Islam for more than 20 years. They say that I am an agent of Jewish, Christian or Hindu fundamentalists. They close their eyes and ears when I criticize other religions. They know very well that I say fuck Islam, I also say, fuck Christianity, fuck Judaism, fuck Jehovahs witnessism, fuck Mormonism, fuck Scientologism, fuck Voodooism, fuck Hinduism, fuck Sikhism, fuck Jainism, fuck Buddhism, fuck Zoroastrianism, fuck Bahaism, fuck Paganism, fuck gods and goddesses, fuck prophets, fuck lies, fuck superstitions.

You Muslims who ban my books and file cases against me on the charges of blasphemy and issue non-bailable arrest warrants against me, fuck you.
You Muslims who blame me for writing a book condemning persecution of minority Hindus in Bangladesh and you say that I was paid by Hindus, fuck you.
You Muslims who set price on my head, attack me physically, and prevent me from entering my country, fuck you.
You Muslims who say I am an Western agent when I protest against 9/11, or terrorist attacks in Israel or in India or in many different countries, fuck you.
You Hindus who threaten me for criticizing a bunch of charlatan Hindu goddamn god-men, fuck you.
You Hindus who threaten me when I criticize Hindu fanatics for killing Muslims in Gujarat, fuck you.
You Hindus who want to throw me of out of India because I say against hundreds of anti-women Hindu traditions that you still practice, fuck you.
You Christians who believe your religion is better than other religions and you try to kiss me because I criticize Islam, fuck you.
You Jews who hate me because I criticize Israeli attacks on Palestinians, fuck you.
You religionists who abuse me because I do not believe in your fucking god, fuck you.


  1. Aqmal says

    Nasrin, i simply can’t understand one thing; What do you need in this world? is there anything called your aim? please discuss.

    • says

      What business is this of yours? In polite society, it is frowned upon when you ask personal questions without first stating your position, and reasons for asking.
      You certainly don’t, monsieur or madam, demand or command to anyone to respond to your unqualified intrusion. Surely you understand my point?

      BTW, If you are Muslim, Christian, Hindi, or Jewish, what drives you to such idiotic beliefs? Discuss. I men right fucking now, fucking discuss it, asshole.

    • Janine: Fucking Dyke Of Rage Mountain says


      Yet an other goddist who has nothing but the empty threat of punishment after death.

    • says

      I love how when someone who presumably speaks English as a second language has the temerity to post on FTB, there are always idiots who say, “Hahaha! Religious people are so dumb! Learn to type, retard!!”

      In keeping with the theme of this thread: Immature racist idiots, fuck you.

    • says

      Seriously, this interjection works only if people believe sex is bad, which is not something I want to support.

      There are other possibilities. Search the internet for “Shakespeare insult”.

      Saudia Arabia, thou art an arrogant tardy-gaited joithead!

    • Albert Bakker says

      Language is a game that doesn’t work well in solitude. As it stands today a pejorative ‘fuck you’ is not understood as an invitation to have sex or issuing a mandate to engage in masturbation. Instead it is understood widely – meaning internationally as well – as to signify contempt, or as a demand to stop bad behavior, particularly so when specified in meaningful reference to the term.

    • brucegee1962 says

      This use of the word goes right back to its roots — “ficken” was Anglo-Saxon meaning “to strike.”

  2. Cchoton says

    Super post. All I wanna say: fuck Islam, fuck Christianity, fuck Judaism, fuck Jehovahs witnessism, fuck Mormonism, fuck Scientologism, fuck Voodooism, fuck Hinduism, fuck Sikhism, fuck Jainism, fuck Buddhism, fuck Paganism, fuck gods and goddesses, fuck prophets, fuck lies, fuck superstitions.

  3. Josh R. says

    Like poetry. A delight for my ears.
    Reminds me of George Carlin. “Fuck the fucking fuckers.”

    Note: This isn’t performed by Carlin. I believe that it was written by him but couldn’t confirm that. (I looked online for about 30 minutes but my Google-Fu is weak and I didn’t think it would end up mattering too much in the end.)

  4. Star Foster says

    As a devout Pagan, I enjoyed that you recognized us! I’ve had to “fuck you” to certain religions/religious people/atheists in my time as well. We all need to do it now and then…

  5. smrnda says

    When I saw the title, I thought this was going to be a post against religion-inspired sexual repression. Either way, point well made. It kind of reminds me of the song “Religious Vomit” by the Dead Kennedys.

  6. iqbalselvan says

    Fuck all those backward thinkers … !!! If there is a hell, these Religions and Fanatics should go to hell first.!

    Hats off to you Nasrin ..

  7. says

    I must say I’m totally impressed by your courage. Dismissing xtian beliefs in the U.S. is fairly safe, to disagree with islamic beliefs takes more guts because the chance of retaliation is higher. But to do it as woman, against either xtian or islam, is extraordinary (of course simultaneously I believe you have more reason to given how each would oppress you). I can’t imagine the threats you must receive so hopefully the cheers from the rest of us balance it out.

  8. jhendrix says

    I hope this was as cathartic to write as it was to read.

    I’ve got no idea at all what it must be like for you to have gone through what you did. You’re a hell of a strong person to have done it though.

  9. beverlystapleton says

    Thank you very fucking much. Really. If more people took this position against religion, the world would be a far better place.

  10. TruthOverfaith says

    And then Jesus came upon his disciples and said, “What the fuck is this shit I’ve been hearing about me being some kind of human sacrifice for your sins!!? Who in the goddamned hell came up with that Neanderthal bullshit!!? What are we, living in the fucking Stone Age!!?
    Listen closely, brethren as I tell you something of utmost importance— Love me, admire me, adore me. But for fucks sake stop with the blood sacrifice bullshit!! It’s fucking outrageous and makes us all look like a bunch of fucking Cro-Magnon lunatics. —Jesus Christ, the Lost Gospel.

  11. ABU KARIM says

    I read many of her books.She is definitely a major poet of my language.As a poet she expressed the soul of a woman subjugated for centuries.Her prose is good enough to read fluently.I differ with many of her opinions expressed through her columns.But denying her entry in the country is a savage idea.

    • Humayun Kabir says

      I agree. No social thinker or writer should be displaced by any civilized nation. It is a shame for Bangladesh as a nation.

  12. tarana says

    আপনাকে কাছ দেখার ইচ্ছা কি কখনও পূরণ হবে না??
    ভালো থাকবেন…..

    ঢাকা থেকে তারানা

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