‘Smart’ Islamists!

Some Islamists are quite smart.
Tariq Ramadan is.
Mehdi Hasan is.
Mehdi Hasan looks smart, he sounds smart. He knows smart street-magician-tricks. He studied at smart universities. He is smart when he debates, he argues, he attacks. But his smartness ends here. Like any moron, he sincerely believes all the Islamic fictions as facts. For example, he believes Muhammad went to heaven on a winged horse. He can not be truly sharp and smart. He foolishly tried to be smart by revealing his beliefs in Islamic fairy tales and superstitions while interviewing Richard Dawkins.

I am surprised how the same Mehdi Hasan, the Islamist, the believers of buraq, the winged horse, won the oxford union debate on Islam is not a peaceful religion.

He says Islam is a peaceful religion because not all Muslims believe in violence, and once upon a time some Muslims were mathematicians. Nobody denies the facts that most Muslims do not commit violence and once upon a time some Muslims were mathematicians. We do not deny that Islam was a powerful force for change, expanding throughout the world and winning the hearts of the multitudes. Islamic civilization was the richest and most advanced civilization in the world during the early Middle Ages, particularly in the mid-eighth through the mid-eleventh centuries, and perhaps reached its peak during the ninth century. In comparison, the culture of Europe crept far behind. But it does not prove that Islam is a religion of peace. It does not delete the pages of the Quran that asks to kill infidels and non-Muslims. Now, even if 99.99% Muslims do not terrorize the world and o not kill infidels and non-Muslims, it is still not a proof of Islam being peaceful. The truth is, there is no difference between the Islam of the 7th century and the Islam the terrorists use today.

Mehdi Hasan said that some Muslim philosophers helped Europe to be enlightened. But he did not say why those philosophers did not help Muslim countries to be enlightened! The Bible teaches that the children of adulterous women should be killed ( (Revelation 2:22-23 ). But the truth is, the vast majority of Christians do not kill the children of adulterous women. It doesn’t mean that the Bible doesn’t teach that adulterous women’s children should be killed. It means that the vast majority of Christians do not think it is a good idea to kill the children of adulterous women. Similarly most Muslims do not think it is a good idea to terrorize the world and kill people. Most people of all religions just want to live their life comfortably and peacefully. Their wishes of not being involved in terrorist activities are not related to the teachings of the Quran and the Hadiths. The credit for most Muslims being non-evil, should not go to religions, but should go to the people who have been influenced by the golden rule and a century-long human rights movements, the credit should go to the people who have learned to restrain themselves from doing religious crimes.

Mehdi Hasan, the followers of a charlatan’s religion, does not deserve to win the Oxford Union debate. But we all know that shit happens.


  1. csrster says

    The single most important fact about this debate was that it was held in Oxford. Not Riyadh. Not Teheran. Not even in the secular republic of Turkey.

  2. M can help you with that. says

    He says Islam is a peaceful religion because not all Muslims believe in violence, and once upon a time some Muslims were mathematicians.

    In the long run, it’s the same for all religions, isn’t it? Periods of being relatively benignly wrong, periods of being horrendously violently wrong. And often it varies among sects and locations — there are certainly progressive Muslims here in the U.S. who look better than many Christians.

    But sorry, Mr. Hasan — you don’t get to just take credit for the positives and disown the negatives. If he wants to argue that Islam isn’t inherently more violent than, say, Christianity, that it’s all a matter of which sect or political/theocratic tendency is in control, fine — but “no more potentially violent than Christianity (or any other religion)” is a depressingly low bar. And the fact that Christian fundamentalists, where they gain power, are also absolutely horrid does nothing to negate the death and suffering promoted by theocratic Muslim groups.

    Is Islam inherently violent? Maybe not — but where and to the extent that it is non-violent, it’s because it’s practiced by individuals in a non-violent, secular society, not because Islam is a force for peace.

  3. DsylexicHippo says

    Dawkins should have walked out the moment Hasan confirmed his belief in the winged horse.

    You can’t argue with horseshit.

  4. says

    why do you not believe Muhammad (pbuh) went to heaven on a winged horse.? please go and have long sitting in your local library studying islamic literature. This is what most muslims beleive how we went there. It is real.

  5. No One says

    It is real.

    No it isn’t. Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead after three days, and Prometheus did not have his liver replaced every night either. These are superstitious myths. “The Golden Bough” has a comprehensive description religion, myth, and superstition: http://www.bartleby.com/196/ . It’s all nonsense.

  6. masum says

    horseshit………..same thing people said when they heard sun,not the earth was the center of solar system….i mean they could see with open eyes that earth was the center…but we all know they didn’t see enough….and for sure we,right now ,also dont see enough…tommorow if some alien planet is discovered with strange physics and a lightning fast animal…..i will stick to my faith…and you people will be bunch of loosers jumping on bandwagon….

  7. Milon Ahmed. says

    A die hard Islamist can not be smart. In this time Islam is a great problem for the World. Muslims are more safe and secure in non-Muslim countries than Muslim countries. To look smart is not actual smart. So Mehdi Hasan is not smart, he is ugly.

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