Salute to the brave girl!

11 year old Yemeni girl Nada Al Ahdal escaped arranged marriage.

My grandmother was given in marriage when she was 9. My mother was forced to marry when she was 10.
My grandmother could not escape her arranged marriage. My mother could not.
Hundreds of thousands of girls who are victims of child marriage can not.

I wish all the children in the world learned from Nada Al Ahdal and became brave. I wish all the parents in the world who didn’t believe in children’s rights learned from the little girl and became sane.


  1. Zugswang says

    The saddest part is, I’m sure that there have been many brave children who tried to resist, and were either made to comply, killed, or otherwise killed themselves. How many stories will never be told due to the silence of death and the complicity of the apathetic, the cowardly, and the truly evil?

  2. Jeanette says

    I am SO proud of her for escaping her “arranged hell” (marriage) AND putting it out there for all of us to see! I am disgusted by there being no laws for this practice of FORCED CHILD RAPE. Men, as usual, are the perpetrators of this evil, and, of course, young girls are the victims. You don’t see old women marrying 8-10 year old little boys! That is because we are more SANE than men. Our life goals are not to committ unspeakable, unimaginable crimes of humanity, sex , and RAPE. Shame on you “men.” Your blatant fantasies of raping young girls are known; and now they are a reality for you. Congradu-fucking-lations!

  3. rafiqa muhammad says

    how can we, as women, help these young female girls, in the city of yemen, not have to go through this young marriage situation. is that country so poor, it it is willing to sell their young children for money. is it a tradition or poverty? i don,t understand.

    i am from the usa, a muslim, and i really don,t agree with with young marriage, at all. i highty disagree with it. how can be change this???

  4. rafiqa muhammad says

    i am from usa, and a muslim. i strongly don,t agree with young girls to be married so young. why is that happening and how can i help prevent this?? is yemen a very poor country or is it a tradition to marry young girls??

    this must stop.

    • says

      my self Mominul hoque.
      i am from india.
      i want to help people but i am poop class family’s I can not help any1…if any body want to help look people then please contact with me..because I love to serve people..
      thank u…

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