Why don’t you blame god?


Why don’t you blame God for not saving Amanda from being kidnapped?
Why don’t you blame God for not saving innocent girls from being raped & tortured year after year?
Why don’t you blame God for helping Ariel Castro to commit heinous crimes year after year?
Why don’t you blame God for destroying three young lives, their youth, their future forever?
Why don’t you blame God for humiliating, insulting, abusing humanity year after year?


  1. lorn says

    I think you have fallen into a trap there.

    That sounds too close to the assertion of of kidnapped girl who said that after she was raped she felt so worthless that there seemed to be no point to even trying to get away. She was told by her captors that once defiled nobody would want her.

    Also it sounds a lot like the tales of rural Muslim families who kill their raped daughters because they have been defiled and/or shamed the family.

    I don’t think that is the message you want to send.

    Certainly their lives have been set back, damaged, their prospects foreshortened but they, as human beings are not stained by what was done to them. And I don’t want to play the Pollyanna game of claiming they have been given special abilities or opportunities by what was done to them that compensate for the evil done. None of this was good for them. They have had obstacles placed in their path but they are in no way worthless.

  2. busterggi says

    Ya see, Yahweh/Jesus/the anonymous spook has a get out of Hell free card because he/they own the place.

  3. billyeager says

    Meh. It’s typical theist Stockholm Syndrome stuff. They are thankful when fortuitous events occur because Sky Daddy has made it happen as a reward and, conversely, believe they, or whomever the victim(s) is, deserve it when bad shit is rained down because Sky Daddy is teaching someone a valuable lesson.
    He loves us so much it hurts.

  4. Corey says

    Conservative* USA Version (*From Columbus to the Puritans to the Conservative Christians of Today a.k.a ‘The American Taliban’)

    We do not believe in democracy because democracy is secular. We stand against this system and ideology. Whoever supports democracy violates Christianity. We want Biblical law in this country because this country got independence [from British rule] on the basis of Christian ideology. We will never support democracy.

  5. JustThinking says

    Many people have been supporting and thanking Taslima for
    -Her support to women
    -Her voice against defaming women
    -Her voice against terror
    -Her voice against injustice done to women

    And many more things. And probably thanking her in many posts for raising an awareness.

    But why doesn’t somebody blame her for
    -continued terror
    -continued increase in number of rapes
    -continued injustice being done to women
    -continued defaming of women

    .Sounds absurd???? I feel it absurd too. My very simple point is, you can not blame God for wrong things, just because hes been doing something good too…

  6. says


    The very simple point is that god had nothing to do with either these women’s imprisonment, or their rescue. For the very simple reason that god is nonexistent. A fiction, a fairy story. A lie.

    Praising a non-existent thing for something that was clearly done by humans is inane at best; delusional claptrap at worst.

  7. jeffwrench says


    Assuming your god exists, it’s supposed to be omnipotent and prone to intervening in our lives. If we give it credit for stopping this evil, then we must blame it for taking 10 years to stop the evil, and must blame it for letting the evil happen at all.

    If Talislama were omnipotent, we certainly would be justified in complaining to her about the continuing presence of the evils she rails against.

  8. Jonny Vincent says


    I’ve read your post through twice and….what?

    God is omniscient and omnipotent. Nothing happens without His will. The only thing he cannot do is talk to humans; for that, He has His blaspheming leech Middlemen (thank God!)

    So yes, all misery and suffering is in His Holy War Lord name. His need to muster armies of humans to fight humans. His corruption of love.

    Of course, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he was the God of Love and War. God actually just blows the whistle of truth but humans were corrupted by their fear so God cannot intervene in the demonic reign.

    But you should know you’re going to burn in Hell because God > Devil. And the Devil > God.


    But deep down, you already knew the Truth. Didn’t you? You did. Just think. God is good because he kills everyone? The Devil is bad because he can only speak the truth and let humans choose for themselves? It’s not rocket science. You already know the Truth. You’re on the wrong side of the War between Good and Evil.


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