A fable

Women had a little bit of rights in Egypt.
But they did not like the dictator.
So they went to Tahrir Square.
They cried out loud.
Demanded rights.


Then they voted MotherFuckerhood.
Yes, they voted MotherFuckerhood.
They helped MotherFuckerhood win.
A bunch of women-haters win.
They helped them
kill reasons &


Now women have no rights.
They have no self-esteem.
No freedom. They have to
shut their mouth.

MotherFuckerhood warns that a U.N. declaration on women’s rights could destroy society by allowing a woman to travel, work and use contraception without her husband’s approval and letting her control family spending.

The lesson we have learned: Masochist women are losers.

There is a good news.
Not all women in the Arab world are masochists or misogynists.
Many women want to live with dignity and honour.
They started a campaign against their oppression .


  1. says

    You know what Taslima no point telling all these. Bangladesh’s PM and so many other ministers are women. But unfortunately they do not support themselves. I don’t need to mention about ordinary women in Bangladesh because they are fu**ing ass holic ignorant they took granted everything about women’s right. But I bewildered seeing when someone talks about women Rights and write something about women’s right, those women leader does not even support them instead ban their publications and whatever. Do you have clue why?

    • fantysq (a Radical Feminist and a Militant Atheist) says

      Dworkin quote time!

      In societies of whatever description, however narrowly or broadly defined, women as a class are the dulled conformists, the orthodox believers, the obedient followers, the disciples of unwavering faith. To waver, whatever the creed of the men around them, is tantamount to rebellion; it is dangerous. Most women, holding on for dear life, do not dare abandon blind faith. From father’s house to husband’s house to a grave that still might not be her own, a woman acquiesces to male authority in order to gain some protection from male violence. She conforms, in order to be as safe as she can be.

      Like the chameleon, the woman must blend into her environment, never calling attention to the qualities that distinguish her, because to do so would be to attract the predator’s deadly attention. She is, in fact, hunted meat—all the male auteurs, scientists, and homespun philosophers on street corners will say so proudly. Attempting to strike a bargain, the woman says: I come to you on your own terms. Her hope is that his murderous attention will focus on a female who conforms less artfully, less willingly. In effect, she ransoms the remains of a life—what is left over after she has renounced willful individuality—by promising indifference to the fate of other women. This sexual, sociological, and spiritual adaptation, which is, in fact, the maiming of all moral capacity, is the primary imperative of survival for women who live under male-supremacist rule.

  2. Greif Stricken says

    We are prayimg for you, this is the time when God is trying to FREE EVERYBODY .”Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom .There is neither male nor female slave nor free..” We are also being harassed and harmed. An American Woman.

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