Biological computer!

Human might carry microscopic natural computers inside their cells that could guard against disease and warn of toxic threats. A team of engineers at Stanford university has invented genetic transistors, completing a simple computer within a living cell, a major step forward in the emerging field of synthetic biology. ‘Living computers’ inside the human body would be able to screen for cancer, detect toxic chemicals or even turn cell reproduction on and off. They say:

The computers could deliver true-false answers to virtually any biological question that might be posed within a cell. For instance: Is toxic mercury present? It could detect it.

Also: They can count. This would be a useful tool when treating diseases like cancer, where cells divide uncontrollably. Suppose a liver cell carries a counter that records how many times it divides. Once the counter hits 500, for instance, the cell could be programmed to die.

Wow! I want it inside my cells right now. Really.

So many things have been revolutionized. Scientists have been talking about biological computer and I have been dreaming about it for more than a decade. I wish synthetic biology could be revolutionized in my lifetime. I know this sounds unrealistic. I would probably be little sad if I have to die before using a little magical computer.

Women should know that their body belongs to them.

Feminists around the world have been supporting Amina, a 19 year old Tunisian girl who posted a topless photo of herself bearing the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” has been threatened with death.
Tunisia was once considered one of the most liberal Muslim countries. But unfortunately Islam does not allow state, society, people to be liberal, moderate, secular, tolerant, understanding, sympathetic, considerate, compassionate, humane, kindhearted, loving, generous, thoughtful.

You were born to a Muslim family.
You are a woman. You want to have your freedom. But no one around you thinks you deserve any freedom.
If you say you are a Muslim, but you want to enjoy your human rights, the protectors of Islam will curse you, beat you up, lock you up, and show you hundreds of Quranic verses and the Hadiths that say god and prophet do not want women to have rights and freedom. Those verses are not the words or the interpretations of illiterate Mullahs. You will definitely lie if you say that god and the prophet did not really say anything against women. Now, what should you do? You have only one life. Do you want to destroy your precious life by living under Islam? Is there no option but to surrender yourself to Islam?

There is a way out. Just leave Islam and live your life. Don’t convert to any other religion. All religions are more or less the same. They will be bitching about everything you do because you’re a woman.

Blogs on atheism are banned in a so called ‘liberal Muslim country’!

Bangladesh has been banning blogs that criticize Islam and Muhammad. It is nothing but a horror story.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission sent a letter to asking for information about six of its bloggers. But refused to do so.

As per Bangladesh Telecommunication Control Act, BTRC can ask for information from anyone having telecommunication license or any Internet user to ensure proper usage of information technology,” BTRC said in the statement.

It also said according to law, not providing it with the sought information was a punishable crime.

The government has already formed a committee in wake of the recent allegations against some blogs and Facebook pages that they were hurting people’s religious feeling misusing social networking sites. The committee will recommend taking actions against those involved in such acts.

Atheists are under attack.
Why do we have to save the ass of a charlatan for centuries?
Who do Muslim countries think it is their right to violate people’s human rights and the right to freedom of expression?
And, why do the international community think they all should shut their mouth when enlightened atheists get jailed,banned, mutilated and slaughtered for the sake of 7th century myths?