The horror! The horror! A TV channel for faceless women.

Have you ever heard of a TV channel that only shows women wearing full face veils? For your information, it is the first TV channel of full face-veiled women. It will be launched on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

Here is the report.

Islamists are now ruling Egypt. They want to use TV and other media to preach Islam and to pull society backwards. Women wearing full face veils will be used to indoctrinate young women through TV.

The channel will be named Mariya after one of the concubines or sex-slaves of Muhammed. She was an Egyptian Coptic Christian slave.

You can read many hadiths about Muhammad and Mariya. He was supposed to spend a night with Hafsa, one of his wives, but unfortunately he was caught while having sex with Mariya. All of his wives, specially Hafsa and Ayesha, were furious with him. He was really in deep doo doo. Finally it was Allah who came to rescue him.

What is the difference between faceless women having a radio station and having a TV channel? Nothing. But it is a TV channel that tends to glorify faceless women. It will glorify women’s absence, their nothingness. Women will be there to show the nonexistence of women.


  1. Ysanne says

    This might be one of the few instances when the motto “sex sells” actually does good: I don’t think they’ll be able to sell a lot of ad time when their concept is “women hidden under fabric are talking”, so I guess they won’t last too long.

    • mynameischeese says

      Do they sell ad space? Or is it public? If it’s public, they can inflict whatever they want on a captive audience.

  2. Gorbachev says

    The almost knee-jerk support many people gave the Arab Spring has backfired. I could have told people this.

    It’s become almost de rigeur to call all criticism of Islam “racism” and for feminist circles not to criticize Islam. It’s difficult if not impossible to find coherent, popular feminist writing about misogyny in Islam, except where it says it’s just the same as Western misogyny.

    It’s extremely fashionable in most socialist, leftist circles to equate cultural relativity with goodness: Only Western culture is evil; Muslims are just misunderstood.

    Egypt is a case in point.

    The left wing in the US is breaking its back to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, because the majority of the people voted for it. All over the Arab world, democracy has resulted in the same thing:

    Islamic political parties that talk about exterminating non-Muslims (Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt) in Arabic, and speak platitudes in foreign languages. The guy now in charge in Egypt was calling for the extermination of the Jewish people two years ago.

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to make comments on this in my daily work: The amount of self-censorship going on it severe, and were a non-Muslim to say anything honest about Islam and these nutcases in power all over the Arab world, that person would be called a racist Islamophobe.

    I’m a feminist and lover of democracy – and as a result, a very rational Islamophobe.

    The US will rue the day it supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Every single value espoused by these people is total anathema to all Western values.

    Incidentlaly, the feminists in each country are going to be the first people rounded up.

    Just watch.

    Anyone who thinks supporting the anti-US Islamic political parties and tsates is good public policy because they hate the West is going to have to start getting used to women being put back 1000 years.

    You want misogyny?

    Here it comes.

    Thanks, Taslima, for this.

    • Tedankhamen says

      Truer words were never spoken. There are misogynists galore in the west, but they are not supported openly by the power structure of religion or politics. With islam, misogyny is a policy, not a problem…

      • Sikander. says

        Alhumdulillah that you accept misogyny in west and you said it is policy in Islam. Then you should look for the figure of hatered of women in both the world then you will realise that unsaid understanding or policy which is better. There are good and bad everywhere but it does’nt mean that this is the end of world.

    • Samantha Vimes, Chalkboard Monitor says

      I have never heard a feminist support the way women are treated in Islamic countries. I first heard of the Taliban’s atrocities years before 9/11, because feminists were circulating petitions for sanctions against Afghanistan to stop their abuse of women.

      • Sikander says

        Regarding the taliban treatment of women is better to ask Yvonne Riddley. She will reply better. Dont believe one footage broadcasting thousands times that a taliban is shooting a veil clad woman, better to ask Riddley.

      • Billy Bob Buttwipe says

        I spent some time in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It’s a completely disgusting shit hole of evil people. The women are treated is astoundingly disgusting to me. I’m male. Women are to me just people. They are wonderful in every way I have ever discovered. I prefer the company of a woman or women much more than men. Men, especially in groups are just disgusting in their thoughts and words and more so in their actions.
        I find men to be disgusting to look at, to listen to and more to touch. They smell reallly bad too. My own smell “surprise!” isn’t offensive to me but I’ve yet been close to a male tht does not stink. Women smell delicious. Especially women who do not douse themselves with nasty perfume. “All perfume is nasty.” A freshly washed woman is nearly overwhelmingly wonderful smelling. I have to say, that I do have a very enhanced sense of smell far more developed than most. Came in very handy in Vietnam. May have saved our lives a few times. Why? Men stink. Even in the Jungle. I wonder at the intelligence of some one in the jungle during a war sitting and smoking. So easy to find and from quite a distance too. I am glad the enemy was this stupid but it pissed me off beyond words when my fellow warriors would light a cigarette when we were being quit to not attract attention. You might as well have a bell as a cigarette!
        Often I would separate myself by fifty yards or more to conceal myself to sleep when the group was sleeping all the while a posted guard or more standing in the shadows thinking they were hidden, while smoking!
        I often mounded up jungle floor rotted materials on all sides of me. rubbed some of it under my arms etc. No not on the skin directly. That could cause some nasty bacteria under there. Just on the outer layer of clothing to help mask the smell of a man.

  3. ... says

    Arab Spring, Arab Spring, did someone here order Arab Spring?

    I don’t think there’s ever been any piece of clothing quite as dehumanizing as the niqab.

  4. Sikander says

    You did not mention the tv Channel name. I have arab sat and Nile sat containing more than 700 channels but there is no such a appreance as you fabricated. Mohammed …. who saves womens getting live burried even you are against Him. you taged in your blog that Jesus …. is a gambler. There is not only men are cruel. My mother never behave well with my father this man is still continueing like a servent and further details are very ugly. So I should start hate women or my mother. Actually you need cure. May Allah bestow you peace.

    • Billy Bob Buttwipe says

      Islam is the stinking worst concept of the myth of a God ever created. May all Muslims burn in hell!

  5. Pinky says

    I immediately thought of this TV channel as horrific. To me it much more terrible to see an entire group of people lose their identity than a dead body.

    Although I still see the glorification death and destruction as the true pornography.

    Please correct me if I am incorrect, but I only remember seeing black or another dark color in women’s niqab and white in the robes the men wear, although their does seem to more men wearing dark western style business wear.

    I understand covering the body in robes as an adaption to life in desert areas because it reduces insolation, but considering the albedo black and other dark colors have, women in niqab must feel they are in a runaway sauna.

    Are black niqabs another institutionalized (from the mists of early Islam) means of punishing women for being “portals to hell” and perhaps a subtle means of keeping women at home and preventing them from moving about in public areas.

    Alternatively, or in addition to, could the all covering clothing be a means to keep women out of the sun so they are like houris (according to Bukhari vol.4)

    …of whom will be so beautiful, pure and transparent that the marrow of the bones of their legs will be seen through the flesh.

    I would appreciate a reply from anyone who has this information at hand. Please don’t waste your time searching for me, I will do that.

    The truth is more important than my ego.

  6. Pinky says

    I’ve made another mistake:

    “..although there does seem to more men wearing dark”

    Is much more correct than:

    “…although their does seem to more men wearing dark”

    Please excuse the error.

    Striving, but often failing, Pinky

  7. Caravelle says

    So… it’s basically radio ? The kind you’d listen to while Windows Media Player generates random visuals ?
    I guess they can always do hand gestures.

    Heh. I see Paulo got there first.

  8. elainep says

    The world is in a mess. Women in these countries have no say yet our Government and Royal family seem to be in sync with these dictatorships. When the debt to the UK is repaid only the poor and those with no say in the running of their countries will suffer. I suppose in GB women could not vote at one time and until we all stood together to change things for women. As in religion these women are indocrinated from birth to obey men.

  9. smrnda says

    I agree with those above who find the leftists in the US or elsewhere, who would do anything to oppose theocracy here regardless of how popular the idea would be, can somehow decide that a theocracy is okay as long as it’s Muslims doing it and it represents “the will of the people.”

    There’s also this kind of disgusting Orientalist fascination with all things “Muslim” – the usual deal when privileged white people go into spasms of exotic fetishism over people from cultures without freedom or any sense of individual rights as if it represented some ideal state that the sophisticated “Western” world has fallen from. What, is the Arab world supposed to become some kind of theme park where you go to see cultural backwardness that we’ve had to preserve since it represents a fantasy world for white intellectuals where they can fuel their delusions that it’s not terrible?

    • Courtney says

      Well, white *intellectuals* are generally the ones who abhor Orientalism. (In academic technicality this means a patronising, crude and romanticised rendering of the Middle East, Asia etc.) Intellectualism is exactly the trait that supports at least that part of your argument – don’t hold such a shallow opinion about it. You are arguing for deeper, critical thought, yeah?

    • Billy Bob Buttwipe says

      Can you even come close to spelling………”IQ?
      I thought not. You’re DNA must be a very short chain.


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