A new Islamic sex guide

The Prophet said, “If a man Invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses to come to him, then the angels send their curses on her till morning.” -Narrated by Abu Huraira. Book 62: Hadith 121 (Volume 7)

Malaysian Obedient Wives Club has published a new sex guide about pleasing husbands. The title of the booklet is “The Holy Spirit and Holy Islamic Sex Booklet” . The main purpose of the booklet is to encourage women to be involved in hardcore sex including oral, anal, double penetration, threesome, foursome, gang bang, BDSM etc. in order to keep their husbands from ‘straying’.

They published a booklet titled “Holy Islamic Sex” last year, but that was banned by the Malaysian government. They asked women to be submissive and subservient and to have sex whenever their husbands want. The club argues in favor of patriarchy and polygamy, it tells women that they are inferior beings and they can only satisfy 10 percent of their husbands’ needs. Men need more than one woman to be sexually satisfied.
The club advises women to support husbands’ multiple wives and to actively participate in group sex to please husbands. Their performances have to be excellent, they should act like ‘first-class prostitutes’. If wives serve their husbands as prostitutes serve their valuable clients, they will only be able to maintain happy marriages. The Obedient Wives Club tries to prove that Muslim men are nothing but dickheads and Muslim women are nothing but vaginas.

Islam is such a perfect religion for dickheads! Is it the reason for the high rate of conversions to Islam?


  1. kaffy says

    stop such propaganda.if you dont believe in islam it doesnt matter.Allah dont need your prayer or submission.

    • Varshini Venkatesh says

      Same thing with propaganda based on cherry picked lines from the Quran trying to portray Allah as the most merciful and benevolent. If you like Islam follow it but don’t propagandize the false version of a religion that preaches absurd things. Allah should be content with the prayer / submission of devoted people like you instead of craving for others to convert and accept him as the one and only god.

  2. ReasJack says

    It’s like what Stephen Fry said about the catholic church.

    “The only people who are obsessed with food are the anorexic and the morbidly obese, and that in erotic terms is the catholic church in a nutshell”

    A woman seen with a man who is not her husband is assumed a prostitute and reviled
    A woman who has a husband must act like a prostitute LEST she be reviled.

    A straying husband is the WIFE’s fault.
    The husband’s appetites are greater than the wife’s and therefore (non sequitur alert! Wait for it…..) therefore paramount.

    Patriarchal religious puritainism is so pathological and distorted.


  3. Khanxada Hamid says

    U should be shame on ur publication…do u also want ur mon n sis to serve as prostitutes & whores in bed????????
    bloody immodest…

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Except for the polygamy parts, they could’ve cribbed most of that from any of numerous “guides” for christian wives.

    I kinda hope they did – the ensuing plagiarism litigation would provide hours of giggles.

  5. wytchy says

    “Islam is such a perfect religion for dickheads! Is it the reason for the high rate of conversions to Islam?”

    That made my day. At least you are willing to come out and call it like it is. I like reading your posts Taslima. Keep writing, and we’ll keep reading!

  6. F says

    I’m always taken aback at just how much Islamic scripture is involved with showing the will of Allah to be the poutiness of an insecure and demanding, frustrated man-child turned totalitarian dictator. Like an infant with sexual and economic desires, and the powers and agency of an adult.

  7. says

    Men need more than one women to be sexually satisfied.

    So what about those men who are happy with ONE woman, or asexual males like myself?

    • Iain says

      I have clearly been under-estimating my wife. I thought she was fantastic, but apparently she has genuine allah-defying super powers!

  8. Shamim Ahmed Laskar says

    ” Muslim men are nothing but dickheads and Muslim women are nothing but vaginas.
    Islam is such a perfect religion for dickheads! Is it the reason for the high rate of conversions to Islam? ”
    So true.

  9. Ysanne says

    Quite astonishing. I thought all the yukky kinky stuff not encompassed by “3 minutes of PiV” was a horrible abomination? Some of it, e.g. anal, even forbidden?
    But now, if the guy wants it, all great? What a hypocrisy.
    How extremely selfish and at the same time inferior in bed must men be who write this kind of guide… not even considering the solution of finding a partner who shares their sexual preferences, so they can have mutually enjoyable sex without coercion.

  10. Art says

    What grips me is to contemplate what sort of man would want that sort of relationship and marriage. You’re talking about a self-centered, egotistical, controlling jerk. And by holding high the woman who might be compelled to comply they tell you pretty much what sort of man Islam considers the ideal.

    Is that what Islam holds as the ideal? A world where half the population is jerks and the other half is groomed from childhood to be victims?

    That doesn’t sound like any world I want to live in. Those don’t sound like people who I want to be around.

  11. jayel says

    How incredibly insulting, ultimately to men as well as women.

    And that quote from the Obedient Wives Club…how can any woman endorse such an idea? And she must have some sort of tertiary education because it says ‘Dr.’ It really does my head in…

  12. Marella says

    I wonder what an angel’s curse is worth? Will you get hives or sleep badly? I am sooooo grateful to have been born safe from this sort of crap.

  13. gworroll says

    If women have to be this good in bed, then of course they’ll have the freedom to practice as they see fit?

    And as good as prostitutes? Some of them… are not very good in bed.

  14. efrique says

    Such things clearly demean women, but they demean men as well, making us out to be pathetic creatures, weak, stupid, slaves to our sexuality, less than we are.

  15. Urmila Mathondkar says

    Oh this is nothing but subversion of females. I heard from some one that when we piss sitting, this act also turn on males as they see this position as we subverting and when they piss standing it is dominating.

    I just wish that I had a penis.

    • says

      It’s not all good times. For one thing, you have to be extra careful when doing up the zipper on your jeans. Let’s just say *ouch*. But not having to sit down in public bathrooms more than makes up for it, I think.

  16. smrnda says

    Pretty disgusting, and at the bottom of it is a tremendous amount of male insecurity and immaturity, and a total inability to see women as anything but an outlet for sex or a status-enhancing possession.

    I mean, compare this rubbish to secular views on marriage – if this is “Islamic Marriage” it reduces marriage, men, and women to be about male egos and sex-obsession. It really does set the expectations for men so low that in a way I feel it’s as anti-male as it is anti-female. By setting up certain behaviors as ‘typical’ in men it pisses and shits on all the men who go through the trouble of having real, meaningful relationships with women.

  17. Jim says

    Can u post links to the evidence?. The article looks great but I won’t share or repost without evidence proving these claims when they appear tenuous.

  18. says

    The good news is the Obedient Wives Club can keep their initials and rename themselves the Orgiastic Whores Club to better reflect their mission statement and core values.

      • says

        I thought someone would object to my use of “whores.” I know it’s considered offensive, and I didn’t intend to slut-shame. This group did say that that wives should be “as good as prostitutes.” This group should be more honest and up front about what they’re promoting. They seem to have combined the worst aspects of two opposed cultures: the submission and wifely obedience of patriarchal religion with the objectification and degradation of anti-female raunch culture, with none of the positive dimensions to sexuality.

        Anyway, I don’t have a problem with sex workers or sluts, male or female, or people sleeping with whomever they like as long as they don’t hurt anyone. And orgies are fun.

  19. says

    anal sex is haram in sunni why not in shia……anal sex with wife or girl friends gives real natural high sexual pleasure taste fun excitement and great enjoyment that was my personal experience…. if you wanna suck female big toes its increase your sexual desire stamina and sperm count…. don’t believe in mullahs do as you like and proud to be a muslim

  20. says

    An attention-grabbing discussion is worth comment. I think that it’s best to write more on this topic, it may not be a taboo topic but typically individuals are not sufficient to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  21. Aysha says

    It is really sick to see something like this being posted. As a muslim this is really offensive and there is nowhere in the Holy Qur’an that twosomes, threesomes, foursomes or anal sex is allowed. Don’t believe everything u read as some do not really understand the religion and speak as though they have authorities 2 support this. Ask an Imam or any muslim that calls people to Islam. They r in more of a position 2 state the true nature of the religion.

  22. jahangir says

    You know nothing about Islamic sexuality.You are known around the world, keep your eye on what you post….sometimes it seems that you need psychiatric treatment……Don’t post what your mind say……take a look to Islamic shariahs too……don’t hate Islam…….Islam is peace

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