John Oliver on the UK elections

He walks us through the 14 years of Conservative rule, the five prime ministers, and the measures that they implemented that have resulted in a severe degradation of services, the shredding of the safety net, and the decline in the quality of life for most people.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    The most symbolic change during the Tory period is that the rivers are now full of human excrement
    -- the privatised sewage treatment plants do not bother to buy the expensive chemicals needed since the tory government (after generous “donations” from the industry) has scrapped the regulations.
    After 14 years of cutbacks, scools are *literally* falling apart from lack of maintenance.
    The poor are divided in “deserving” and “undeserving” categories; if you are able-bodied but get homeless because of unemployment etc. you are seen as a lazy parasite.

    Unlike even the Thatcher government, ministers now blatantly lie to the parliament (a practice that started with David Cameron, paving the way for Boris).

    I could go on with the blatant bribery and cronyism with government contracts during Covid, but it would take up several pages.

  2. xohjoh2n says


    The poor are divided in “deserving” and “undeserving” categories

    Haha, no! You’ve fallen for Tory propaganda!

    The poor are divided into an “undeserving” category. They might *suggest* that there exists a more deserving category in an attempt to show that they’re not *total* bastards, but at least when the press and courts aren’t watching they certainly don’t behave as if they believe there is anyone in it.

  3. John Morales says


    Birger, who is ‘he’? John Oliver?
    See, pronouns need an established referent for them to work properly.

    So, I need to click your link to find out, no?


    This is not the Endless Thread, there is no Lynna to restrict your posting of videos.
    Just use the functionality of the platform.

    So, here we go. What you did not do:

    (Not John Oliver)

  4. John Morales says

    Ah, OK. I was so fucking lazy I just copypasted your link and inadvertently included the <p> tags the system put around your own copypasted link.

    (I like to know these things)

  5. John Morales says

    This is one I myself put in TET, obviously obfuscated as per Lynna’s idiosyncratic predilection, on exactly the same topic as yours:

  6. John Morales says

    BTW, Birger — JP uses ‘cunt’ quite unironically in the British (and Aussie, to be fair) sense in that video.

    Not that palatable around these parts.

  7. Callinectes says

    There’s a delay in global availability of these clips, so come back in a month or two and the video will be viewable in more places.

  8. John Morales says

    Callinectes, oh, I could watch it right now, cared I to do so.

    (But I’d be breaking the law)

  9. John Morales says

    To clarify: this is the official way to see it:

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver -- watch online: stream, buy or rent. Currently you are able to watch “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” streaming on BINGE, Foxtel Now or buy it as download on Apple TV, Fetch TV.

    (None of those are free)

  10. Holms says

    That source states there is neither law nor policy is clear on the matter, and argues that it should be clarified in favour of making avoidance illegal.

  11. John Morales says

    Psst. Don’t tell, but I watch YouTube without logging in and without ads.

    Still, on my feed:
    Enjoy YouTube with fewer ads
    Upgrade to Premium or Premium Lite to enjoy more of the YouTube you love and fewer interruptions

    The joy!

    (Of course, that’s also not technically illegal — it’s merely more worth doing)

    I can pay $$$ to “upgrade” to fewer ads and fewer interruptions.

    Which, in net effect, means I could pay to get ads and interruptions.

    (So appealing, that is!)

  12. John Morales says

    [Anyway. Tom Nicholas. Upper-tier youtuber. In my less than utterly humble estimation]

  13. Holms says

    Correct, and your source agrees with me. As for youtube, Firefox + uBlock Origin is decidedly legal.

  14. John Morales says


    Pays your money to get a VPN, use other techniques, or miss out on John Oliver.

    (Am I missing an option for, Holms?)

  15. John Morales says

    Oops. Sorry, obs, also pays your money to do it the legal and proper and easy way.

    (For the losers)

  16. birgerjohansson says

    F*ck the police, just watch John Oliver.
    Non-British might find it hard to beleive a party could be so arrogant, mean, bigoted, corrupt and generally incompetent.
    BTW I know the british C word.
    Lots of words and phrases shift meaning when you cross the sea.
    Over here, we got taught British english because geography.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    The late Rik Mayall played a corrupt and utterly vile tory member of parliament in the lowbrow TV comedy “The New Statesman”. No one knew it would be prophetic.
    Dumping leftover WWI poison gas stores on a school playground would today be one of the less remarkable scandals.

  18. Canadian Steve says

    It deserves highlighting the failure of conservative economic theories as noted by John Oliver. Where most of Europe increased taxes and spending in response to economic problems, the UK instead pursued tax cuts, government austerity, and cuts to regulation -- the conservative trifecta of economic promise. It didn’t work.
    Everywhere comparable had both better economic and social outcomes. So much for the conservative dream. So what was the result, massively increased economic disparities and poverty.
    This is what right wing economists know and are truly aiming for. It has nothing to do with growth, it’s just about concentration of wealth.

  19. John Morales says

    Why so serious?

    Here’s some cuteness.

    Watch: Pooches at polling stations across the UK

    The day has been filled with dogs standing outside polling stations, as their owners head into voting booths to cast their ballots.

    Coverage of what is happening on polling day is usually restricted to uncontroversial factual accounts, such as the appearance of politicians at polling stations, the weather and -- of course -- photos of pets at polls.

    (video at link, with bonus annoying music)

  20. birgerjohansson says

    Just in half an hour ago: Liz Truss is confirmed as having lost her seat to Labour.

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