Trump Organization found guilty of tax fraud

A jury has found the Trump Organization to be guilty on all the counts of tax fraud they were charged with. The verdict came very quickly, within a day of the case being sent to the jury, a sign that they thought it was an easy decision.

A jury in New York has convicted the Trump Organization of criminal tax fraud in a major blow for the former president.

Although Donald Trump was not personally on trial, prosecutors insisted he was fully aware of the 15-year scheme in which they said executives were enriched by off-the-books perks to make up for lower salaries, reducing the company’s tax liabilities.

The 12-person jury in New York’s state court was sent out to deliberate on Monday morning after a six-week trial in which Trump Organization lawyers pinned blame for the fraud solely on the greed of longtime chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg.

The former close ally of Trump accepted a plea deal earlier this year admitting fraud in exchange for a five-month prison sentence. Prosecutors laid out a case heavily reliant on Weisselberg’s testimony.

The verdict represents a serious blow to Trump and his family who rose to fame as property moguls in New York but whose business practices have long shadowed in secrecy with rumors of ill-doing.

What this means for the company is unclear, though it will clearly not be good.

Meanwhile, New York attorney general Letitia James has a pending criminal case against Trump and his family.

Get ready for the inevitable aftermath: a long whiny rant from Trump about how this is all part of a witch hunt against him even though he is the most innocent man.


  1. tuatara says

    “I had never heard of the Trump organisation before Ye invited it to dinner, but I hear they think I am great!”

  2. Holms says

    A fine of “up to $1.6M” is paltry stuff. Hopefully the business partnerships dry up and end up costing far more.

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